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You can help your hair become healthier and maintain your gorgeous, vibrant hair color by making a few simple changes to your usual haircare routine.

By Natalie Published 3 months ago 3 min read

It's not always simple to keep your hair color looking fabulous and new. It seems as though hair color never wants to stay in place, from faded roots to dull-looking ends. While you can't put off touching up your hair indefinitely, you can keep the vibrancy and shine of your color between trips to the salon. You can develop healthy hair habits that support gorgeous, glossy strands by making a few small changes to your lifestyle. Looking for advice on how to maintain the best possible appearance for your hair color? If you want to keep your hair color vibrant, you should adopt these seven healthy hair habits.


1. Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates aren't always a friend to those of us with colored hair. These cleaning agents may be too harsh for colored hair, which could hasten the fading of the color. Choose sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners instead so you can clean your hair without fading the color.

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2. Decrease the shower's temperature

Unbelievably, the temperature of your shower has a real impact on how your hair color appears. Heat may cause the cuticle of your hair to swell and open, which may lead to the color molecules in your hair washing away. Red hair dyes typically have larger molecules than other colors, so this is particularly true for people who use them. Basically, larger molecules increase the likelihood that your red hair color will fade and dull over time. Therefore, be sure to maintain a cooler temperature the next time you're in the shower.


3. Allow air to dry your hair

By skipping the blow dryer and allowing your strands to dry naturally, you can change up your hair styling routine. By avoiding too much heat, you reduce the chance of those cuticles opening up and the color molecules fading.

4. Properly Blow Dry

Make sure to use a blow dryer correctly if you must style your hair with one throughout the week. In order to detangle wet hair and add a layer of heat protection, first prepare your strands with a multipurpose hair primer. Next, turn your blow dryer to its lowest heat setting and make sure to dry your hair while keeping the dryer a few inches away from your strands. This simple technique will enable you to dry and style your hair while reducing the negative effects of the heat.

5. Use A Deep Conditioner,

Nothing maintains your hair's best appearance as effectively as a deep conditioner. You can keep your strands moisturized and your hair color vibrant by applying a hair mask once a week. Unsure of the kind of hair mask you ought to select? Choose a hair mask formulated with hydrating ingredients like avocado, shea, and jojoba butter to keep your strands feeling soft and supple if you have color-treated hair that is also dehydrated.

Do you notice more damage than you'd like to? Pick an olive oil-based strengthening hair mask that will fortify your hair and give it new life. Look for a mask that contains ingredients that can heal and repair damaged hair, such as keravis, ceramide, and arginine.


6. Put On A Hat

adore being outside? Who wouldn't? Even though being outside has many health advantages, the weather isn't always good for your hair. For instance, excessive sun exposure can make your current color fade and your hair become lighter. Make sure to wear a hat to keep your color covered if you plan to spend time outside.

7. Avoid using hard water.

Hard water buildup can make our hair less able to hold onto color molecules, which is one of the main reasons why our color can appear flat or lackluster. Try using a shower cap or purchasing a filter for your shower head to prevent the unnecessary buildup rather than rinsing your hair every day. Choose a dry shampoo to keep your strands oil-free and looking their best on days when you skip the suds.

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