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World War II

Military Involvement, Consequences, and Its Mark On The World.

By Flying AcePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

There has been a few key moments in history where the world stands together in the name of peace and liberty. It is in these times that differences are forgotten and unity grows. In addition, there are also times when some nations are united and some are not, which allows the world to be broken and for its citizens to pick sides. World War II happened because of a cruel and harsh set of rules placed on one country, it was also one of the bloodiest wars that the world has seen and lastly, it caused the world to be even more defensive and build more destructive weapons.

World War II had started because of the Great War and the aftermath that followed. The Germans had started this war, and the nations that fought against Germany, thought that the best way to avoid another war similar to the recent one, was to establish harsh regulations upon the German people. Thus the Treaty of Versailles was born. In its papers were rules that placed the German people into a place of despair and poverty. The Allied nations created this document in order to establish peace and order, however that very same document would be a major key component in another war much worse than the Great War. It would be one of the many times in history that a document of peace became a document of war.

Furthermore, when World War II broke out, the Germans had already created and were mass-producing weapons of mass destruction which made World War II one of the bloodiest wars that the world had seen. While the Allied nations were familiar with fighting their enemy face to face, they were massively unprepared for the modern warfare at hand. It was at this time that tanks, machine guns, biochemical, and nuclear warfare were officially introduced. All of which would change the way that the world viewed warfare. All sides had major casualties, especially the Russians and the Germans.

However, due to the bloodbath that World War II ensued, the Allies once again had to come up with way to end world wars once and for all. In fear of another massive loss of lives both Allie and Axis powers invested fully into nuclear warfare. As the years progress it is more evident to see how modern warfare has drastically changed and become more dangerous. Biochemical and nuclear warfare have become major issues of controversy. Many of which question as to when it is legal to utilize such force when it can lead to the death of future generations and how far each nation is willing to go to protect their own citizens.

Finally, World War II changed the world by introducing modern warfare, by being a bloodbath, tearing the world apart, and the imprint that it left on nations new and old. It is a war that changed the way that nations look at warfare. It changed the rules of the game and set new ones in place. It is hopefully that last of the great wars that shaked the world and her people.

Let us hope that our leaders find a way to truly prevent wars such as this one and instead find peace through diplomatic ways and honorable ways instead of the ways of the past. That is the reason why history exists, in order to allow future generations to avoid the same mistakes and consequences that others have experienced. Perhaps by instilling the importance of U.S. History to out future generations that we can prevent wars and once again bring peace and liberty upon the modern world today.


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