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Should the US Remove Confederate Memorials?

by Flying Ace 3 years ago in history

Taking a Stand Essay

Should the US take down Confederate Memorials or not?

It was once said that those who forget or try to eradicate history, will end up repeating it. History has always had a light and dark side to it. As Newton stated, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is by looking back upon both sides of history that one succeeds. By taking down Confederate memorials and/or monuments, the US is trying to erase history, and by doing so, will most likely repeat it again.

If history were in fact eradicated, then the society that the history belonged to would then become naive and ignorant and fall into a never-ending cycle of repeating history. It is by losing such important information that countries, societies, and communities fail. Once again, there are dark sides of history that at times are hard to understand and make people want to forget it, however despite the mistakes of leaders and rulers in the past, society must look to their mistakes for a hopeful and better future.

The Confederate generals and soldiers that the memorials and monuments honor represent men of courage, valor, and honor. It is through their example that society can look at their military tactics for example and implement or adapt those tactics to modern warfare. By looking at the history of the Confederacy, one can look at the qualities and characteristics of leaders and public speaking. Abraham Lincoln was president at a time when many thoughts that the United States would end up being two countries in itself. It was through his leadership and public speaking skills that he was able to push the United States back towards unity. Robert E. Lee was a splendid military general who understood honor, valor, and courage as many of the generals of the Civil War. Due to the characteristic of Robert E. Lee and his military genius, Abraham Lincoln asked him to lead the Union, but Lee refused stating that he would side with Virginia, his home state.

In the beginnings of the Civil War, the Confederacy was winning and it was all because of their leader, Robert E. Lee. Lee was able to take an army with limited resources, limited supplies, and no government into battles that many would think were impossible to win. Despite losing, their determination and perseverance are something that this generation can take and implement into their daily lives.

Lastly, if the United States did move to eradicate the Confederacy monuments and memorials, they would be giving up an essential piece of America. As Americans, we have the right to stand up for our beliefs and morals. Americans are people driven for success and willing to fight for freedom, no matter what the cost. When looking for the true definition of an American, one must look at the leaders and soldiers that America has brought forth. Leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, John F. Kennedy, General Patton, etc. It is by understanding our history, our culture, and the true nature of Americans that we as a nation can succeed and once again be the strong and united nation we once were. So, do you believe that Confederate states should be removed? Or should they remain upright in order to help prevent another civil war?


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