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Types of People Outside of Every Military Base You Will Meet

by Rowan Marley 4 years ago in fact or fiction
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On-base, you know you're seeing troops. But the people outside of every military base might take some getting used to.

Once you join the military, it becomes pretty easy to get accustomed to life on base—even when you're in a different country. You know your fellow troops, know what to expect of them, and also can relate to them just because they're American military folks like you.

On the other hand, the folks outside the military base can appear to be wild cards. However, if you really look at them, you'll soon find that the people outside of every military base tend to be very similar in nature.

Don't believe it? We're willing to bet that you've seen at least one or two of these archetypes wandering around near the place you're stationed!

Miss "I Love a Man in Uniform"

Don't ask why, but there's always at least one civilian girl who knows military ranks just a little bit too well. Often accompanied with a flirtatious nature, a job as a waitress close to the base, and a friend or two who love military men too, it's pretty clear this girl wants to be a military wife.

More often than not, these girls are trouble. Our advice? Run. Run like the wind and do not come back. A lot of people outside of every military base are worth talking to, but more often than not, these girls are just out to cause drama.

The Military Retiree Who Now Works a Local Job

The funny thing about life after the military is that it changes you, big time—and military life tends to give you a home you get used to. Many retired military members really don't want to leave their service life behind and end up finding ways to make it work for them.

That being said, don't be shocked if a handful of people outside of every military base are former service men. They'll offer you good advice, a pep talk, and, perhaps, a cutting remark about your haircut.

The Bored Tattoo Artist

At least one of the people outside of every military base you'll see in America will be a tattoo artist. This is an unwritten rule of the military, possibly because they love tattoos and it's just a way of business.

This tattoo artist will notice all the service members and give them the same damned tattoo. It will probably have something to do with the USMC or similar—and trust me, he's so sick of having to draw the same thing over and over again.

Opportunistic Business Owners

Maybe it's the sketchy pawn shop owner who just somehow managed to find a bunch of used military gear that went missing a week ago and put it up for sale, or it's the used car dealer that sells suspiciously cheap cars to servicemen, but make no mistake about it—these guys have different faces, but are the same animal deep down inside.

A lot of people outside of every military base want to make a quick buck on the guys stationed there. This in itself isn't bad, but at the same time, do they have to be so shady about it? That's what frustrates most soldiers.

Military personnel weren't born yesterday, and even though they may be stationed abroad, they still can recognize a scam when they see it. Domestic bases, though? That's just downright disrespectful.

The Ex-Military Cop Who Gives Tickets

This is not something you might run into in military bases around the world, but in the United States, it's definitely a thing.

Yes, you went speeding, but no, he won't cut you a break. While most people outside of every military base will be respectful and look the other way, he won't.

Technically, he's right to do so, since military personnel are held to higher standards than most, but come on! He knows you're probably stressed beyond all words, so why does he have to be mean about it?

Working Girls

A lot of the people outside of every military base are just regular folks—but military bases don't get a seedy reputation for no reason. The truth is that, if you look hard enough, there will be at least one or two places you can go that will have ladies who specialize in doing sexual things for money.

More often than not, these working girls are popular with the oddballs that end up enlisting rather than the typical "Average GI Joe." Even so, it's understandable when regular single guys who are just really lonely choose to give it a go.

The Military Families Living Off-Base

Not all military personnel live on-base, and in the situation involving military wives who are left while their husbands are deployed, this is doubly true. That's why a lot of the people outside of every military base are civilians or military members who just didn't get housing on-base for one reason or another.

So, you will end up seeing ladies learning the ropes of military wife life, sons and daughters of military parents, and of course, that one military family that's just ridiculously massive in size.

Curious Civilian Locals

If you've been around a bunch of different military bases around the world, then you already know that local civilians always seem to be curious—or even awestruck—by American military presence. They often will ask questions about America, about being a soldier, and also about the gear you use.

In America, civilians who find out you're military will usually ask if you've been abroad or been deployed. Outside of the US, they'll ask what kind of food you eat or what Americans do for fun.

Sometimes, these civilians are just curious people who want to learn. Most people outside of every military base are innocent bystanders, and just want to make friends.

Other times, there may be more nefarious things afoot, so be careful what you say.

The Military Hater

Don't ask why, but once in a while, you'll see some people outside of every military base who have a serious chip on their shoulder when it comes to military life.

These folks have a deep-seated hatred for anything involving the military and will make no qualms about saying so. No one knows why they hate servicemen so much.

Maybe they are the ones who might have watched too many anti-war movies, had a military member who died, or just got booted from the military. Maybe not. Who cares? Haters are gonna hate.

The Wannabe Wives

Slightly different from Miss "I Love a Man in Uniform," Wannabe Wives and Wannabe Husbands are definitely looking to be part of the military spouse world. Who can blame them? The perks are plentiful.

There are always these kinds of people outside of every military base, and they always make it known that they are "looking for something serious" when they are dating.

What makes them different is that they exclusively date military members, aren't looking for a fling, and rank doesn't matter. They will, however, be sketchy as hell and purposefully hang out in military hangouts just to try to find Mr. or Ms. Right.

If they are actively seeking you out, you have to wonder what the deal is. Do you really want to be with someone who only cares about your career? Chances are their shady behavior is exactly why they're still single.

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Rowan Marley is a 20-year-old sports enthusiast who hails from Brooklyn. When he's not hitting up a local Zumba class, he's drinking organic smoothies. That's just how he rolls.

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