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Remembering Everyone Deployed on RED Friday

Air Show Producer Mickey Markoff Shares the Mission of Paying Tribute Every Day

By Mickey MarkoffPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Remembering Everyone Deployed on RED Friday
Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

Each week, as Friday rolls around, many 9 to 5ers may reach for their blue jeans for causal Friday. A few more across our brave nation may go a step further and reach for a vibrant shade of red to contrast their jeans. This act may go on for several months without notice—years even. For many, it is a small but powerful gesture towards something that is more important than a fashion statement. It's a silent nod of respect and remembrance, symbolizing a national sentiment to Remember Everyone Deployed (RED). Wearing RED is an act of symbolism and solidarity. Many across our great nation may be unaware of this practice, and so we seek to diver into the significance of the day, origins, and how it connects with the broader mission of Memorial Day, which commemorates the sacrifices made by countless service members.

The Origins of RED Friday

RED Friday, though not an official holiday, has become a deeply-rooted tradition for many Americans. Its inception is a bit nebulous, with no singular origin point. Instead, it grew organically, sprouting from the hearts and minds of those who wanted a way to consistently show their support for troops currently serving, especially those stationed abroad in perilous conditions. When our nation and others are in a time of war, it is not uncommon to see people wearing colors in support of our troops. But whether we are at war or not, it is important to show support for our brave service members. RED Friday seeks to do just that.

Various military support groups and family networks began promoting the idea of wearing red on Fridays, slowly gathering momentum in the late 2000s. The color red was chosen, symbolizing the blood and valor of the troops. With the advent of social media, the movement gained substantial traction. Photos, stories, and hashtags connected individuals from all corners of the country, solidifying RED Friday as a national nod of remembrance.

While RED Friday is a weekly occurrence, it shares a deep-rooted connection with Memorial Day, an annual event that pays homage to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their nation. Memorial Day serves as a solemn reminder of the cost of freedom and the valor of those who have worn the uniform.

In essence, while Memorial Day is a time to mourn and honor those we've lost, RED Friday is a vibrant, living tribute to those currently serving, ensuring they're never forgotten while they're away from home. Both traditions underscore the importance of reflection, gratitude, and active remembrance. Through these acts, the nation collectively acknowledges the dedication and sacrifices made by its military members, ensuring their stories and service are never relegated to the pages of forgotten history.

The Hyundai Air and Sea Show & Mickey Markoff's Mission

Mickey Markoff's profound respect and admiration for our nation's heroes have been evident in his numerous endeavors, most notably through the renowned Hyundai Air and Sea Show. Markoff’s overarching mission to honor and pay tribute to our military heroes aligns seamlessly with the principles of RED Friday. Through his various platforms, he magnifies the message of the movement, reminding audiences of the importance of continuous support and acknowledgment of our active-duty military members. While events such as the Air and Sea Show provide an annual spectacle, RED Friday offers a weekly, personal avenue for everyone to partake in this recognition.

Mickey Markoff's active involvement in supporting military causes shines a light on the broader community of advocates and figures who champion the cause. Numerous personalities, from celebrities to military personnel themselves, have lent their voice to promote the voices of our armed forces. From the legendary Peter Berg to to dulcet tones of Celine Dion, countless celebrities have paid tribute to our armed forces. Their collective reach ensures that many more are introduced to the movement, fostering a nation that genuinely supports and honors its protectors.

Wearing red might seem like a simple gesture, but its implications are profound. By endorsing RED Friday, we collectively send a message of unity, love, and support directly to those in service. For military personnel stationed abroad, knowing that they are in the thoughts and hearts of their fellow countrymen can be a beacon of hope. This ripple effect extends to their families, offering solace and pride, knowing that their loved ones' sacrifices are recognized and appreciated.

The significance of RED Friday mustn't wane with time. As new generations arise, it's imperative that the legacy of support, acknowledgment, and gratitude continues unabated. Efforts by figures like Mickey Markoff, along with various military support organizations, play a pivotal role in this. By ensuring that events, narratives, and traditions like RED Friday remain prominent, we craft a future where every service member feels valued and every family feels embraced. Friday may come only once a week, but it is important that we remember and honor our nation’s heroes today, and every day.


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Mickey Markoff

Mickey Markoff is best known as an airshow producer of the Air and Sea shows in S. Florida. He is also President of MDM Group, an innovative marketing firm. Markoff is EIC of the publication "Warrior Stories".

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