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India is developing a new generation of unmanned submarines

Naval News has announced that the Indian Ministry of Defense is working on a new project to develop large multi-mission unmanned submarines.

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A post on the website said: "The Indian Ministry of Defense has started a project to design and develop XLUUV submarines, the large multi-mission march, and the Indian Navy is interested in obtaining 12 new submarines of this type after these submarines pass the required tests."

According to information provided by the Indian military administration, "each XLUUV submarine will be 50 meters long, about 5 meters wide, and weigh 300 tons."

A statement issued by the Indian Ministry of Defense indicated, "The locally-made XLUUV submarines are designed to be multi-purpose, and carry out reconnaissance missions, detection missions, combating enemy ships and submarines, as well as anti-mine missions."

It is assumed that the new submarines will be able to carry 10 tons of various weapons, and there is a possibility to equip them with two platforms to launch torpedoes of 533 mm caliber, and they will also be equipped with technologies that make them able to communicate with satellites, ships, submarines, and naval bases, and they will be equipped with advanced sonar systems, photoelectric cameras, and infrared cameras. Infrared, and it will be able to move underwater at a speed of 8 knots freely. Source: Russia's weapon

The Russian Guard is testing multifunctional pistols

The Russian "Izhevsk" Mechanical Factory sent a first batch of "Lebedev" pistols to the Russian National Guard units for experimental use.

What is meant is the "MBL" and "MBL 1" models, whose trial use will take more than one month.

This was reported by the press service of the Russian company "Kalashnikov". The officers in the Russian Guard received a short course on the use of Lebedev pistols, where Dmitry Lebedev, the designer of the Lebedev pistol, talked about the features and design of the two new pistols, the specifics of their use and maintenance, and gave special attention to the algorithm for disassembling and assembling the pistol and the rules for repairing the weapon.

The Russian Guard is testing multifunctional pistols

And according to Dmitry Lebedev, based on the results of the experimental use of the two guns, modifications will be made in their design, which will make them more convenient for investment and maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that the company "Kalashnikov" is the one that took the initiative to manufacture the "MPL" and "MBL-1" pistols. Their main advantages lie in well-thought-out ergonomics, high reliability and long service life, as well as the ability to use with all types of 9x19mm ammunition, including 7N21-01 rounds.

It is noteworthy that the "MPL-1" pistol for special tasks differs from the "MBL" pistol in terms of barrel length, height, weight, the possibility of installing a silencer, the possibility of replacing the barrel and installing additional equipment for aiming.

Both pistols store 16 rounds. Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Russia supports its army with a new batch of "black hole" submarines

An informed source in the Russian military industry announced that Russia will manufacture a new batch of Varshavyanka submarines for its navy.

The source told the Russian TASS agency: "In 2024, the Russian Admiralty Shipyards will start manufacturing a new batch of Varshavyanka submarines for the Russian Army's Northern Fleet. These submarines, which will be developed within the framework of the government project 636.3, will bear the names of some Russian cities, and the first submarine will bear the name of the city of Mariupol." ".

The Russian Admiralty shipyards manufactured between 2010 and 2016 six Varshavyanka-type submarines for the Russian Army's Black Sea Fleet, and are currently working on contracts to manufacture 6 other submarines of the same type for the Russian Pacific Fleet as well.

The Russian Varshavyanka submarines are characterized by the fact that they emit very low rates of noise compared to other diesel submarines, as they are covered with special materials that mislead the process of being monitored by the enemy, which made some call them "black hole submarines."

Each submarine is 73 meters long and 10 meters wide, and can dive to a depth of 300 meters, sail at a speed of 20 knots, and work independently at sea for 45 days. In addition, it is equipped with 6 platforms for launching torpedoes of 533 mm caliber, and platforms for launching “Caliber” missiles. Long-range wings that can be used to deal with various types of marine and land targets. Source: Russia's weapon

The new Ukrainian self-propelled gun is unable to counter even the old Russian T-55 tanks

The Ukrainians tried to enhance the capabilities of their new gun by combining the MT-LB locomotive with the Soviet-made 100 mm Rapira gun.

But this step did not help them because the hybrid cannon would inevitably be defeated even in the fight with the old Soviet T-55 tank.

The hybrid cannon manufactured by the Ukrainian company "Oktransgaz" was revealed for the first time last fall, as the cannon was first placed on the platform of the МТ-ЛБ locomotive without any armor protection, then two vertical armor plates appeared on its sides, which surprised the Ukrainian weapons enthusiasts who have become They compare the Ukrainian hybrid gun to the German Marder light self-propelled gun used in World War II.

The new Ukrainian self-propelled gun is unable to counter even tanks

But the new Ukrainian hybrid design does not have a roof, which puts its crew members at risk, as they can be hit even by a single grenade. And if the crew is covered with a roof, its members can be poisoned by gunpowder gases. As for the high structure of the Ukrainian cannon, it weakens its camouflage and increases the possibility of being hit by direct firing. There is another negative, which is the inability of the cannon to fire while moving, unlike the Soviet T-55 tanks, which are capable of performing rapid maneuvers during firing, and are protected by strong armor, while The armor of the Ukrainian self-propelled gun only protects against bullets, and it can be hit even by large shrapnel. Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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