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'Dunkirk' Movie Review

Some of Nolan’s Best Work

By Chalee DurandPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

The true event that some may have never even have heard of before. 400,000 men risking their lives in order to return home safely. It's all about survival in those type of situations and unfortunately hundreds upon hundreds did not survive. During WWII located in Dunkirk, France was where all of this chaos went down and simply just watching the new 2017 film won't do you justice to gather all the information you need. However, Christopher Nolan does an extraordinary part of creating the story behind Dunkirk and trying to allow the viewers to grasp an understanding of what actually took place during this horrific catastrophe. One of the main reasons I even went to see the film was because singer/songwriter and now actor Harry Styles was in it. I have been a huge fan of Harry for quite a few years now and seeing him excel in so many different categories of fame is simply breathtaking. Not only does he already have such a large fan base but he works so hard and stays so humble during all his success that it makes you wonder how he really does it. Nolan didn't really even realize how popular Styles actually was before the auditions. He casted simply for his wonderful acting skills. I have seen Harry in concert with One Direction and it was such a drastic change to see him go from jumping around on stage singing his heart out to putting on a totally new form of himself on the big screen. Absolutely amazing work done by Harry and all the other cast members and crew. The great thing about having someone like Harry Styles in a movie like this is that you can reach to so many different audiences and draw in numerous sales. You combine young, talented celebrities with marvelous history, you are bound to get people anywhere from their teenage years to their senior years to watch the film. Utterly incredible casting on Nolan’s part, not only with Harry, but with other actors Fionn Whitehead, Tom Hardy, Jack Lowden, and Barry Keoghan. Another part of the film that drew me in was the different points of view that took place. You had the stories of the pilots in the air, the soldiers swimming with all their might to reach the shore safely, and you had the sailors out in the water looking for any stragglers left behind. This take on the event of the film is what made it more interesting to find out what happens in each part at the end. The scenic views of the beach and the graphics behind all the boat attacks were truly amazing to watch. Knowing that these events really took place was something even harder to understand. When the soldiers finally reach shore it's magnificent to see the look on their faces that all their hard work has finally paid off. Losing men along the way is always difficult but in the end you come to realize that life is just taking its course. The soldiers learn not only to fend for themselves but to be a helping hand to others around them. You can't all fit on one single boat, but you work together to find room for everyone somewhere else. It's when you work as a team that great things happen. After it all, you can tell the world your story of how you survived and that's what Nolan’s movie Dunkirk did beautifully.

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