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Camping Trip

Stay Safe Everyone

By lsquarePublished 24 days ago 4 min read

My uncle served as a sheriff's deputy and search and rescue officer in the northwest United States during the 1990s. This account is based on my uncle's perspective, with a few explanations from myself. For the sake of anonymity, my uncle requested that I keep the location undisclosed.

It was the summer of 1992, a couple of years into my job with the county sheriff's office. Summers were always busy, with many people going camping in the area. Consequently, it was not uncommon for individuals to get lost. Search and rescue (SAR) became a regular part of my duties as a rookie, but I grew to love it. Assisting people, especially in life or death situations, was the very reason I became a deputy.

SAR provided the excitement that my usual law enforcement duties in our small town lacked.

One Tuesday morning, we received a call from a lady in Arizona. She reported that her husband and young grandson had driven up to our area on a Friday for a weekend camping trip. However, they had not returned as scheduled on Monday, and she was concerned that they were lost. We quickly assembled the SAR team, which consisted of myself, four other deputies, 15 civilian volunteers, and two bloodhound SAR dogs.

We arrived at their camping site around noon. At first glance, everything seemed relatively normal. We searched their tent and found all their belongings untouched inside - truck keys, wallet, map, water, and food. A pot filled with water and now soggy macaroni noodles sat above a long extinguished fire pit. It was evident that they had left in a hurry. Unfortunately, there were no visible tracks to determine the direction they had gone. So, we used a pair of socks we discovered in the tent as a scent base for the hounds. The dogs caught the scent and led us north of the campsite.

As we walked, my partner and I exchanged worried glances and lowered our heads. North of their campsite lay tens of thousands of acres of dense woods. We knew that this search was going to be a lengthy and challenging one. To conduct the search effectively, we employed a grid pattern. This involved dividing the area into acre-sized squares on a map, allowing us to determine a more precise direction in which the missing individuals might have gone.

During my formative years of training in 2018 as part of my academic pursuits, I delved into the police archives and encountered several intriguing cases from the past that have left a lasting impact on me. One particular case that stands out revolves around an incident in 1992 during early autumn, when a young man with ties to the local mob mysteriously disappeared.

Despite extensive efforts by the authorities, including a week-long search, neither the man nor his body could be located. However, a significant turn of events unfolded when three teenage boys, aged between 12 and 14, ventured out for a fishing expedition along a local river.

The boys, known for their mischievous nature, passed by the school's playground on their way to the riverbank, where they encountered the school's principal engaged in conversation with a groundskeeper. Ignoring the boys' friendly gesture, the principal continued his discussion, prompting the boys to proceed to the river. As they settled in for an evening of fishing, one of the boys felt a tug on his line and eagerly began reeling it in, only to discover that the hook had ensnared something unexpected - human flesh. The shocking revelation left the boys stunned, marking a chilling twist in the unfolding narrative.

Rod regurgitated when he witnessed that he had captured a human head. Yes, a decaying human head. The boys were in a state of panic. They were unsure of what to do since there were no cell phones nearby, and the closest adult was at the school. The boys abandoned their fishing equipment and sprinted back to the school in hopes of locating the principal, whom they had seen earlier. However, the principal was nowhere to be found outside, so the boys rushed into the school and straight into his office. They were frantic and shouting for the principal to come because something dreadful had occurred by the river. The principal appeared puzzled and initially refused to accompany them, believing it to be one of their pranks.

However, upon observing their pale, panicked expressions, he sternly stated, "This better not be one of your silly pranks. Now, show me what's happening." They led him to where they had left their fishing gear and presented the head, still impaled with a fish hook. The principal stood in silence, his face reflecting pure terror. He promptly escorted the boys back to his office and contacted the police. The authorities arrived, and the forensic team was summoned. Statements were obtained from the boys and the principal. It was confirmed to be the head of the missing man, a 22-year-old who had been murdered by the mob due to unpaid debts.

His body had been dismembered and disposed of in the river, with only his head and torso being recovered. The man's family was devastated, unable to give him a proper burial. Reading the statements after more than two decades brought tears to my eyes. The boys' discovery of the head and the family's realization that their son had been brutally killed must have been excruciating. Although I am a seasoned murder detective, cases like these, where witnesses are pleading for justice for their loved ones, can also move me to tears. It serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking out and confronting such heinous individuals. Stay safe, everyone.

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