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Benefits Of Joining The U.S. Military

by Veteran / LEO Served 2 years ago in education
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Military Benefits (All Branches)

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Benefits Of The United States Military

In this article I will talk about the many benefits the United States Military has to offer. I served in the U.S. Army for 4 years but all the branches of the military has similar benefits. The number one reason why I joined the military was because Of the GI Bill which either pays for your college degree or pays for your debt. The only way to get it once you join the military is to pay into it for the first 12 months of your military career which is one $100 dollars a month. There are many types of GI Bill depending on what year you served. When, I got out, I was under 9-11 GI Bill, which is transferable to your spouse after being active for 6 years in the service. You are also able to transfer your benefits to your children, if you don't want to go to school and have your children benefit from it so that they may get their college degree. Now, They have the Forever GI Bill, go to the VA website for more info.

While, serving in the military, I had a life insurance of $500,000, which would be given to my family if I paid the ultimate sacrifice. Another benefits while serving and if your married, would be Based Housing Allowance which is depending on where your stationed at. If you are a single, then you would not get the housing allowance, and live in the barracks. The rate you get is between $1200-$1800 a month or even more, probably more in the expensive cities like Hawaii or California. You can also receive money allowance for food, which is about $400-$500 dollars a month. Single person in the barracks get about $350 a month. If you speak another language, that the military needs, you can test out, and see where your level in the language is, and get paid $200-400 a month.

The military provides for your uniforms and yearly allowance. If you are single, and you live in the barracks, you can go to the chow hall and eat for free. They provide you a lot of training that you don't have to pay for, and you can translate that training into the civilian world. They will get you security clearances which also you can use as a edge when applying for a government job that requires any clearances. You can also go to school, while on active duty, achieving your 2-4 year college degree. If you wanted to, you can go from enlisted to officer due to getting your college degree and get better pay and better retirement. The military pays for your health insurance while on active duty and even when you retire or become a veteran which is through the Veteran Affairs Administration.

The more you get promoted, the more you will get more money. Another way to get money is to pick a job in the military that has high signing bonus which you will get once your are done with your training especially your first year. Someone people get them on lump sum, one time payment or get paid once a year for multiple years. Theres benefits when you are deployed outside of the country for being away from your family, one for being in a hazardous area and danger zone, and many more. You will get extra pay, and have tax free on your paycheck. Someone times you don't get deployed in a danger zone and are just doing a mission for a couple months. You can get paid extra for completing the mission, which is a reimbursement.

The one thing that you should be keeping track of would be your visits to the clinics or hospital because it will help your case when you get out and you apply for VA Disability. You can received 10%-100% disability which is from $120-$1200 a month, on top on your retirement. You can also get PTSD, which is a separate pay too, if you are deemed susceptible to PTSD due to your military career, and have a doctors note. Remember, always make copies of any doctors note, because the VA will investigate to see if your your injury did happen while on active duty. Everybody that joins the military should have at least 10% disability. I will end it here, if you really want to know the benefits of each military branch, then you would need to look it up. But for VA Benefits, heres a link (CLICK HERE).

-Veteran / Leo Served


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