Vocal Verified—Starting your Fitness Journey

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A curated selection of the best muscle-building tips and strategies from our fitness-loving creators.

Vocal Verified—Starting your Fitness Journey

I've met people who started weightlifting because they had a serious health concern, or because they had friends who convinced them to try, or simply because they wanted a new hobby. I've met people who became dedicated lifters because they liked it more than the sport they were originally training for; I met a girl who started lifting because she liked to cosplay, and wanted her body to better match Wonder Woman's; and as the head of Curation here at Vocal, I've read the stories of dozens of people wishing to build muscle. I've seen that everyone is scared. Everyone who wants to start doesn't know where to do so, and sometimes I wish I could reach through the screen and guide every single creator with a dream, but technology's not quite that advanced yet.

Fortunately, in addition to the stories of people who are just starting out, I've also read the stories of people further into their fitness journeys. Here, I'll share the wisdom, advice, and encouragement of all the creators who want you to succeed just as much as you do. Give them a read, leave your favorite stories a tip, or share a bit of fitness advice of your own.

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"Starting (or even restarting) a training regimen is one of the hardest things you can do. Especially to someone who is inexperienced or does not have the extensive knowledge of individuals in the industry. So how does one begin?"—Ryan Costanza, CSCS

"The truth is, the best time to workout is when you think you have no time at all."—Vanessa Cherron Riser

"Go with someone that makes you feel comfortable in yourself but uncomfortable when you train. You want to feel like your body is being pushed to the limit, not humming along to the gym radio whilst you lift weights that are too light."—Samantha Bentley

"We all know physical health is important, but sometimes it's tough to find time to get to a gym, pay for a gym, and feel comfortable there."—Christina Hall

"Here are five strength training rumors that we have all heard, may have believed, but are completely untrue."—Jus L'amore

"This series of articles will be for the active functional stoners who are tired of the social stigma surrounding weed, for those who struggle to develop healthy habits, and for all the morally superior hypocrites of this world."—Alex B

"Trust your body."—Nessy Writes

"Protein powder is the most widely consumed supplement throughout the whole industry—and for good reason."—Ash May

"I've tried proteins from Mutant, Musclepharm, Six Star, Inner Armour, AllMax, and Beyond Yourself Nutrition; none of those, with the lone exception of Mutant, come anywhere close to matching Diesel."—Nick Doek

"The number one supplement that will enhance any training program, goal, or level of performance, is branch chain amino acids or BCAAs."—Kevin Armentrout

"As pre-workout supplements grew more prevalent in the general fitness society, the act of checking the nutrition facts and skeptically yet objectively researching whether a supplement’s ingredients were both safe and efficacious for the user became less common."—Connor Nelson

"Consuming a vegan diet does not eliminate protein in your diet, contrary to popular belief. There are several foods and supplements to help you keep up with your protein on your way to becoming a bodybuilder."—James E.

"Fitness fans can rely on the powerful benefits of this beverage to boost their workout routine."—Casey Chesterfield

"Working out in your own home can be great, especially if you are just starting."—Josh Pt

"Bodyweight training in its current form has been around since the days of the Greek philosophers, and based on a recent rise in awareness of calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, it's not going anywhere any time soon."—David M

"Although they may seem daunting at first, free weights can really help. They are super versatile, allowing you to complete many exercises targeting most of the bodies muscles."—Josh Pt

"In strength sports, there are two main forms of competition, and those are weightlifting and powerlifting. "—Zoe Vinacco

"I am here to show you that building an amazing physique doesn't have to be so difficult."—Guest Author

"Do you want to know how to gain muscle whilst losing fat?"—Kieran Bowyer

"If you had to choose one exercise to do for the rest of your life, it should be the squat."—Daniel A

"I’ll explain to you the benefits of cardio and why studies have shown that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is far surpassing the benefits of standard steady state cardio training."—Kevin Armentrout

"With the combination of short cardio sessions or HIIT, strength training, and attention to the amount of sugar/unhealthy carbs/glucose you intake, you will quickly and easily burn off that extra tummy fat just in time for summer!"—Nicole Allen

"If you want to be quick, you need to train quickly."—Living The Dream

"Until this week, I have never in my life gone to the gym daily."—Keela Dee

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