To Our Creative Community: What We Want You to Know

A letter from the founder of Vocal in uncertain times.

By Justin @ VocalPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

We’ve been exceedingly lucky over the past three years to have fostered a platform built on the values of rewarding creativity and coming together over shared passions. You, as creators and as our partners, have made this possible with your support and your sense of community, and we expect to continue helping you share your stories with the world for a long time to come.

We know how many brands, companies, and corporations have reached out with letters assuring you that your well-being is their top priority—our inboxes are full of them too. As a consumer, it feels a little silly. But as a brand or a platform, there’s a sense of obligation towards your community, and when times are uncertain, none of us know what to do besides make an effort to connect with each other.

We can’t pretend that everything is business as usual, and the only sense of normalcy any of us have left is making an effort to come together at a time when coming together has been made particularly difficult. As a platform, we’re reaching out to all of you because quite frankly, none of us know what else to do. All we know is that we need to connect with our community now more than ever.

So yes, we'll reiterate what you're hearing from every angle. Please stay distant. Please stay indoors, wash your hands, listen to professionals, please stay healthy.

But just as important, please be sure to keep your mind healthy. Stay creative, stay passionate. Use free time to lean into the things you love, to expand your knowledge, to master a skill. We at Vocal can't help you sanitize or distance yourself, but we can help you share your stories. We can help you earn extra money in uncertain times. We can help you build a community and connect with like-minded people, all without leaving home.

We think it's infinitely important to continue fostering these kinds of communities—where we can help one another stay inspired, support each other financially, and continue to spread positivity while we all as creators do our best to make sense of the world. That's why at Vocal, we're doing everything we can bring you uninterrupted service so you can continue doing just that.

Our team is working hard around the clock to ensure that you, our partners, never lose access to this kind of community when you need it the most. Our priority is your well-being, but it's also helping you earn money, and create, and grow. We're still here to help you out and answer your questions when you need it; we're still working hard to provide you with the best platform and tools we possibly can. We don't know what the world will look like in a week, or in a month, but we can assure you that the entire Vocal Team will be here for you throughout it all.

Stay healthy, support one another, and continue storytelling.


About the Creator

Justin @ Vocal

Founder and President of Creatd (Nasdaq: CRTD), the parent company of the Vocal platform.

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