Step 3: Connecting Your Stripe Account

by Vocal Team 3 years ago in creator 101
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Once you connect Stripe to Vocal, you can start earning.

We’re all about keeping things simple; that’s why Vocal uses Stripe to process payments for creators. Connecting Stripe to your Vocal account is quick, easy and required to receive payments on Vocal. When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, your balance will be transferred to your Stripe account. No headaches–just connect and let the money flow.

Benefits of Connecting Stripe

You may already know that Vocal pays you for your stories, but that’s only one of the ways creators get paid on Vocal.

Our Tipping feature allows you to accept payments on your profile and stories. To enable Tipping, simply connect Stripe from your Wallet. Tips are sent directly to your Stripe account (no withdrawal request needed!) and there is no minimum to withdraw.

We’ve made it easy for anyone to send a tip to you. Contributors do not need a Vocal or Stripe account, and can send tips with either a credit/debit card or Apple Pay. Your fans can save their details, connected to an email address and a phone number, and send you a tip with a single tap.

Vocal creators without a Stripe account

From your Wallet in your Vocal account, click "Connect Stripe and then select “A Stripe Express Account.” You will be redirected to a secure page on Stripe to set up payments for Vocal.

First, verify your email and mobile phone number. Stripe will send a verification code to your mobile phone to continue. Once verified, enter your name, date of birth and either your debit card number or bank account information.

Click “Create Account” or “Connect Existing Account” to complete the process.

Vocal creators with an existing Stripe account

Stripe is supported in 34 countries around the world. Visit Stripe Global to view supported countries.

From your Wallet page in your Vocal account, click “Connect Stripe” and select “A Stripe Standard Account.” You will be redirected to a secure page on Stripe to set up payments for Vocal.

You’ll be asked to fill out your name, address, bank information, etc. There are a few required fields–business/product information–that may or may not be relevant to you. If unsure, you can use the information provided below when prompted.

  • Your Product: “I am a content creator for Vocal.”
  • Your Website: Either enter your personal website or your Vocal profile URL

Once you’re done filling out the signup form, click “Authorize Access to This Account.”

You’re all set! As you create and publish on Vocal, you can review your Wallet to keep track of your earnings from reads, tips and total earnings.

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