Meet Wallet: The Home for Your Earnings on Vocal

by Vocal Team 3 years ago in wallet resources / product updates
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Wallet keeps track of all your earnings on Vocal.

Creators on Vocal are more than just users; they're our partners. So to make keeping track of your earnings easier, we’ve created Wallet. Wallet helps you keep track of the funds you have generated, including earnings from reads and tips.

In order to enable Wallet, you must complete two steps: connect Stripe and publish your first story.

What's in my Wallet?

Wallet is the home for all your earnings on Vocal. Your Wallet keeps track of the following:

Reads displays the views and engagement you have received from your stories, and how much that's generated in earnings.

Withdrawn keeps track of how much money you have withdrawn from your earnings into your Stripe account.

Current Balance shows you how much money you currently have available in your Vocal account. In order to request a withdrawal, you must generate at least $35.

Tips keeps track of the micro-transactions you have received. Tips do not show in your Current Balance as they are transferred directly into your Stripe account.

Your Transaction History includes any tips from your audience, withdrawal logs, and weekly earning round-ups.

We wanted to make it easier for you to see how your stories are performing. Now you can easily track and compare how much you've earned per week.

What’s the difference between Wallet and Stats?

Wallet is all about the money you’ve earned. Stats, on the other hand, gives you more in-depth information about your individual stories and their performance.

On your stats page, you can see the following information:

Most read gives you insights on your most popular stories. Knowing what your audience wants helps you create and earn more.

Total reads displays how many reads your stories have received collectively.

Reads in the last 30 days shows you exactly that: how many reads all of your stories have received together in the past 30 days.

% change compares your reads from the previous 30 days to the current 30 days. No math required on your part!

Earnings from reads aggregates how much money you’ve earned from reads across all your stories.

Published Stories provides a break down of how much each story has earned and how many reads it has. This way, you can understand which stories your audience engage with the most.

We created Wallet and Stats to provide valuable insights so you can create the best stories. Seeing which kinds of topics engage your readers provides you with the tools and guidance to come up with your next great story.

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  • Michael V5 days ago

    Nice, I made my first penny!

  • Muhammad Asif 6 days ago

    I've completed 18 stories but did not earn anything yet. Just let me know how is this work for earning without vocal+

  • Adedayo John 9 days ago

  • Greer Monroe14 days ago

    I would love to see who has read my publications — it would make things more interactive & perhaps lead to more follows & reading the work of others.

  • Muhammad Atif16 days ago

    I have completed my 10 stories but did not get 10$ bonus.

  • Sanna17 days ago

    How long does it take for a read to show up on your stats?

  • Dipto Das17 days ago

    Best platform I ever see.

  • Partha Mondal17 days ago

    All time fav website. I just Loved your site. Please visit

  • Emmanuella Iniko21 days ago

    I have published my story and many people have clicked on it, but reads is still showing $0.00. At this point, nothing is motivating me to keep on writing. What should I do?

  • wisdombenjamin24 days ago

    I always have issues in terms of publishing my stories how can I solve this problem

  • wisdombenjamin24 days ago

    How fast can the withdrawal be

  • Thayrile28 days ago

    How many days take the withdrawal to be approved?

  • Deepak Khanduri30 days ago

    I am now only at 10. Can someone tell me how to earn money from this platform?

  • millicent odongoabout a month ago

    Hallo. i recently opened my stripe account but im not sure what to fill in for the kind of business this falls under so that it is acceptable to the stripe service agreement.kindly assist

  • Bernard Mac Benliabout a month ago

    I suppose do we need to do any promotions in order if we need people to read our contents..?

  • Thayrileabout a month ago

    Good 👍🏽

  • Malcolm Twiggabout a month ago

    I am slightly concerned that despite increasing readership, none of my stories have as yet attracted any comments which, more than earnings, are a great incentive to a writer. Comments good or bad, are always welcome.

  • Aliya Dicey about a month ago


  • Sudhir Singh2 months ago

    Hi i have posted my story 18 days ago but not approved. Please suggest me what is the problem.

  • SACHIN MANORIYA2 months ago

    On which platform do we share the story?

  • Helen Stuart2 months ago

    My account has been "suspended" for months and I have written several times for help to no avail, I haven't broken any rules or anything, I don't understand what's going on and the challenges state that I must have a connected account, please help.

  • Della Lonaker3 months ago

    How do I know what bank account the withdraw is going to? I dont see where to locate the information.

  • I really wish you would offer a trial period on your vocal + membership to see if it’s worth the money or not. Something to think about?

  • Nandy3 months ago

    Hello, I cannot connect the stripe account from India. please we request you to change the withdrawal options like PayPal, and payoneer. we are ready to make more content. So please take an action on my humble request Please be noted

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