Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Put your best foot forward with just a few simple steps.

By Vocal TeamPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

As a creator, your personal brand is incredibly important. Vocal can help you get discovered and grow your audience, and your creator page should be prepared for this—optimized so that readers can easily find you, connect with you, contact you, and most importantly, remember you and your work.

Update your profile with the following:

Add a personal profile photo that represents who you are as a creator. If you choose not to use a photo, Vocal will generate an avatar with initials from your profile name.

Add your full name so you can easily be discovered. Your name is what’s used to create your profile URL, so make sure to update any backlinks if you decide to change it.

Create a bio telling your fans who you are! Don’t leave this part blank—even just a sentence or two detailing something you’re passionate about, or a bit or personal info like where you went to school, can help people get to know you and make connections.

Link readers your social media profiles so they can follow you on social media in your Vocal bio, making it easy for fans to connect with you, get to know you as a person, or even reach out to you with opportunities. You can do the same with URLs to other pages or personal blogs, too.

Let’s take a look at some examples of creators that have super effective creator pages.

The Bronx Vegan

In the Bronx Vegan’s profile, you can see all of the steps above completed successfully. There’s an identifiable logo as a profile photo, an effective banner photo to add visual interest. More importantly, the bio offers clear info about what the creator wants to accomplish through their stories, and takes advantage of the bio space by linking to their personal site.

Rebekah B Lowri

Rebekah has also made her profile visually appealing with great personal images as both profile and banner photos. She also links to not only her personal site, but also her Instagram, which she uses to promote her stories after they’re published (more on this later!).

Now, let’s move on to the very last step in finishing your profile: Connecting a Stripe account.

Step 3: Connecting Your Stripe Account →

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  • Abdou karim diouf2 months ago

    well explained!

  • Lynn Leach10 months ago

    Thank you -- I had not realized I could add a banner photo. I APPRECIATE YOU!

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