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Your seriousness, though defeat is glorious!

Being serious is a way to make yourself complete, even if it is not so successful, not so great, serious itself is a laudable virtue. And it was glorious in defeat. You deserve it.

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Just after graduation, I had an interview with a company. The girl at the front desk said, "Please wait in the conference room. The boss is in a meeting and will be with you in a moment." I sat upright because it felt like the door would open at any moment, and if I sat sprawled out on my back, my boss would have a bad first impression when he came in.

Five minutes passed and no one came. Twenty minutes later, still no one showed up. And I started to wonder, why? Is there a camera in this conference room, and in another room, the boss is watching the candidate when no one is around? I straightened my back again, imagining that this was not an empty conference room, but a million eyes watching and testing me.

Finally, the boss came in. "Hi, sorry to have kept you waiting." I thought to myself, "That was a good performance. The remote supervision must have passed."

Then I became a department head myself and started hiring. Sometimes, when you're busy with something, you say to the HR girl, "Ask him to wait in the conference room." What I thought would be solved in 5 minutes, I looked at the time, and 50 minutes passed.

I hurried to the meeting room and found the applicant perfectly seated. "Hello, sorry to have kept you waiting." Most of them maintain a straight posture and a diplomatic demeanor: "It's okay."

Later, I was talking to a colleague about the psychology of interviews. 'Like you, I always feel like there's a camera watching me when I'm waiting for someone,' she says. 'It's the person I'm about to meet testing me, so I take it very seriously.' In reality, however, the interviewer is too busy to fake a meeting and watch you on a monitor for 40 minutes.

There are many similar examples, such as meeting people, I usually try to be on time. On time means, it's best to be early. If you can't be early, say 10 o 'clock, don't show up at 10:02. With traffic like Beijing, it's not easy to do that.

Why arrive early? Will others care? Most people reply, "No rush, no rush, take your time!" There are a hundred excuses for being late, but one rule is enough for being on time.

I myself judge people's traits by whether they are on time. People who are always wrong on time are not trustworthy, people who are often wrong on time think too much, people who are occasionally wrong on time have a slightly messy life, people who are never wrong on time have great self-control.

There was a time when I was posted to an office in the field. There were only three people in the office. Amin and I were sent from head office, plus a Hong Kong man. The boss only visits every other month, so the office is basically run like a sheep.

It's supposed to be at 9 o 'clock, so of the three of us, Mark gets in at 8 o 'clock, I get in at 8:40, and Armin usually gets in at 10:30.

Almost every morning when I came into the office, I would see him sitting in front of the computer. I would say to him from a distance, "Good morning, Brother." Standard Brother always took good care of me, and when I resigned from that unit, Standard Brother contacted me a few times and gave me some opportunities. Standard brother said to me, "I think you're serious, so I'd like to help you."

I asked him. "Is it the early thing?"

"Not really, but you've been doing a good job."

I took the opportunity to ask him, "Why are you always early, too, Big Brother?"

"We Hong Kong people say that if you work a job and earn one cent, you have to be worthy of the boss and worthy of this job. I am fine at work, but if something happens, I will be there.

It's not about being serious, it's about being professional. If you respect your profession, others will respect you.

The next time I saw him was ten years later, when we met at a dinner party. I haven't seen you in ten years. Standard Brother started his own business. He was more patient than me. After seven years in that unit, he got to know the industry and started his own business with ideas and contacts. In the first year, he reached 40 million yuan, and in the second year, he reached 200 million yuan.

This is a fair result. The serious brother didn't increase his income by arriving early every day, but he proved the value of persistence in other ways.

Probably all seriousness is the same.

Most interview waits are unmonitored, and picking your nose or lying down to sleep doesn't really matter. Most of the consequences of being late are not too serious. Whether you make excuses or not, it will all be over soon. Most work situations go unsupervised, and you're not likely to be fired from your job if you're sneaking around, checking your phone all the time, or going to the bathroom 50 times a day.

Serious and not serious in fact are to do for yourself.

Often your serious, only you know. But this is a very important point.

With that in mind, you don't have to worry about whether someone is watching you on camera, whether someone is demanding that you show up on time, or whether someone is watching your attendance. Because even if you don't see it, it will affect you and make you a better person.


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