Will pedophilia ever be normal or accepted?

by Lena Bailey 2 months ago in disorder

the ted talks think so

Will pedophilia ever be normal or accepted?

So recently there has been Ted talks that focused on the idea of pedophilia being normal or looked at as the same as being gay. Of course parents and those of us who aren't pedophiles can see why this will never happen or at least shouldn't happen. I will warn you now this may be a little on the ramble side.

If you don't know what pedophilia is, it's where an adult is attracted to kids. It's now considered a psychiatric disorder in which there is treatment. It is more common in guys. There's pro contact where they believe that children can consent to sex acts. They also believe the only harm that will come from the act is from society's reaction to the act. Non contact pedophiles are those who don't have sex or sexual contact with kids, they are just attracted to them. They claim to be against adult-child sex and child pornography.

The main thing that I know most people will agree with me on is that pedophilia is not an orientation. An orientation is about being attracted to an gender identity or multiple gender identities. Age is not the same as a gender identity.

Also with pedophiles the people who are children in some or a lot of cases are even the age of 13. A lot of pro contact pedophiles touch and do things to people under the age of 15. There is a difference between 2 teenagers doing stuff to each other and an adult doing something to a minor. When there is an adult with a kid it's weird and wrong. Kids at a certain age know what they are agreeing to even with an adult but there are situations where the adult can take advantage of someone under the age of 18. Yes people can take advantage of people at any age but that's even more so the case when it's an adult and an minor.

People (mainly pedophiles) don't understand why being a pedophile is wrong and hence why the conversation of acceptance has come to the forefront. I even had to examine why I believed that being a pedophile is wrong. One of the main thing is to me is it just seems icky, wrong and disgusting. In the same way they don't understand why this is wrong, the non pedophiles don't understand how this seems right and normal to them. I understand the not understanding the other side to a certain point.

Most people won't accept pedophiles because it's so wrong and icky to most of us. We can't accept something so vile and disgusting as hurting or touching kids. I don't think pedophiles can understand this is because to them they're not doing anything wrong.

Young kids don't know what they are agreeing too. Older kids may feel pressured to do something or it seems cool to them. Also teenagers think that they are grown but of course they aren't. So they may do things they have no business doing with people they have no business doing it with.

Pedophilia will not be accepted like sexualities because kids can't consent like adults can and teenagers (under 18) consent isn't the same as an adult's consent. With adult consent they know what they are agreeing to and teenagers they don't fully know what they are getting themselves into. As adults we know what comes with sex (birth control, condoms, possible babies, feelings, hurt feelings, etc). Also kids can be traumatized or hurt. Teens can possibly get in over their heads with being with older people.

Pedophiles are so desperate to be looked at as normal that they came up with something else that they want to be called, maps. Map stands for minor attracted person. They even have their own flag. They want to look like anyone in the LGBT community but they won't ever be.

Let's have this conversation continue and come to the attention of people instead of being hidden away.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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