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Why Supplements are Essential for Detox

by Mallory Johnson 7 months ago in bipolar

Something to take the edge off

Why Supplements are Essential for Detox
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Why Supplements are Essential for Detox

We were taught all of our lives that mind altering drugs are bad for you and to stay away at all costs… except for when you have a mental illness of course. Then it's okay to change your brain chemistry and who you are to fit in better in society. After being on medications for about five years I can say that there are for sure pros and cons of both being on them and being off of them. And whether or not you want to be on them is a PERSONAL CHOICE. I don't care what anybody says, it's your choice to take them every day and yes, some people desperately need them more than others. I can see both sides of the story of both wanting to be on them and not wanting to be on them. There isn't a right or wrong answer to the question of “should i take medication”. Because yet again, ITS A PERSONAL CHOICE. Nobody has the right to judge you either way.

Personally, after being on them for so long, I wanted a change and to see if I could handle my life without them. I will say though, if you are thinking about coming down off medication be sure to consult with your doctor, therapist, friends, family, etc. because you are going to need all the support you can get. Speaking from experience it is very taxing to come off medication. There are side effects and symptoms that nobody tells you about. For example, personally I experienced, increased anxiety, mood swings, energy fluxuations, manic episodes, depressive episodes, headache, dizziness, and just increased mood awareness in general. Thankfully I started taking supplements before I started coming down off my medication to try to counteract the side effects.

I had a friend who was coming down off of her medication (after a much longer time than I) and she was taking these supplements to help with her detox symptoms. I immediately was curious because if something is going to both help your body vitamin wise as well as manage the detox symptoms then I was so down for it. I was willing to try anything to have a little bit of cushion for the influx of things I was about to feel. I decided to do some research into which supplements would be most helpful for anxiety, depression, bipolar, and detox symptoms. The supplements I came into contact most often for these were:

Vitamin B12

Amino Acids

Vitamin D

As soon as I determined which vitamins I needed I went searching for a reputable company that I trusted. As I’ve said before, I have a lot of allergies so I needed something that was SUPER high grade so that my body wouldn’t react badly to it. I eventually landed on a company called Le-Vel. I did some research and asked some questions to one of the girls on social media who promoted their products. I decided to give it a shot and see if it was going to work for me. At first I just ordered their starter kit to try out some of their products and immediately fell in love. It was honestly shocking and almost impossible to believe that I was feeling results that soon after trying them. I mean, I felt major results within the first week which had never happened before. I had more energy, less headaches, not as many detox symptoms (and when i had them they were not as intense) and I noticed when I used their patches my anxiety wasn’t as high.

Some of my favorite products of theirs for when you're detoxing are:

Sculpt (Amino Acids)

Womens/Mens Capsules (Vitamin D + so many more)

DFT Patches (wearable Vitamin B12 - the white and black label)

I love all of their products to be honest but those are my favorite hands down because they have helped me so much in my detox journey so far. If you're not taking vitamins or amino acids then I would highly suggest it for not only overall health but just because they really do help with coming down off medication.

If you end up trying it then please send me an email or tag me in your posts on social media so I can repost you and follow along with your journey! @faithfullytypetwo

Mallory Johnson
Mallory Johnson
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