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Why 2/22/22 Was a Rough Day For Some of Us

by Erin Mixon 3 months ago in advice
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It’s not what you think…

My Experience

So yesterday was the big day…2/22/22.

I know many of us were anticipating this day for many weeks prior.

Yesterday I sprung out of bed feeling great and ready to see what the day would bring.

Honesty, it did not disappoint.

I could literally feel the energy so strongly.

My vibration was great…

My energy was great.

I was able to reflect on the things I wanted throughout the day.

When time allowed, I was able to state my affirmations aloud.

I think mentally and emotionally preparing and making and allowing space for the day helped to make a difference.

But I know this was not everyone’s experience.

A Different Perspective

But I did speak with a number of people that didn’t have a great Twosday.

One of my good friends talked about not really feeling any difference as far as the energy was concerned.

Not sure what she was expecting….

But I think she was underwhelmed.

Also, I spoke with several people that stated that a blow up occurred and they were about to end a close relationship.

I just want to assure all of you that experienced a rough, heavy energy that this is not abnormal.

Why Some Had A Negative Experience

When a surge of intense energy comes in, sometimes it is not always pleasant.

As our individual vibrations raise, we will see people and things that are no longer a vibrational match fade away.

It’s actually not a bad thing…

It’s all a part of the process.

Just look at it as a blessing in disguise.

New Beginnings

One of the things that two represents is new beginnings.

Remember that in order for something new to begin usually something old has to pass away.

Don’t be alarmed when you see these things happening.

Many of us have prayed and affirmed and set intentions for more and better in our lives.

But we can’t have better without letting go of the past and letting go of that which no longer serves.

Just wanted to give a quick word of encouragement.

The power and potency of this energy is so strong and lasting because of the fact that this is a palindrome year and we get the effects times three.

So I want to encourage you all to keep focused, aware, and mindful.

Continue to set intentions, meditate, and focus on the things you would like to see manifested in your future.

Just a reminder that if you have noticed conflict and unrest in terms of your relationships, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

As we set intentions about what we want, the energy is helping us to bring old issues to the surface for healing and resolution.

In some cases, relationships will end to make room for something better.

Deep down inside, you’ve asked for these changes.

Whichever direction things go, don’t panic.

Continue to have faith and know that it is all for your highest good and evolution.

It is very important to stay positive and to have an attitude of gratitude even more so at this time.

Remember to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

This is an awesome time.

Stay focused and alert.

Great things are on the horizon.

This is an extremely exciting time in our soul’s evolution.

Focus, faith, and intention are key at this time.

I can’t wait to hear all the amazing success stories that happened throughout this time in addition to the not so great stories.

What has been your 2/22/22 expeience? Was it positive or negative for you?

Comment down below.


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Erin Mixon

I am a blogger and inspirational writer.

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