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When failure comes again, I choose to be strong

There can be no regret in life, because we can't let ourselves in the memory of grief tears, always insist on time to pursue.

By danielhuangPublished 16 days ago 4 min read

With the dream of life, with the expectation of self, I came to the college, where I will fly the dream of self, self future sowing, I am waiting for its flowering and fruit.

I am a student of the Department of railway transportation. I like writing, reading, singing and giving speeches. I am an enterprising, optimistic and cheerful person. When I saw the publicity of the Singer Contest and Speech contest of the Transportation Department, I signed up without hesitation, and I prepared very carefully, so I went through the rematch and entered the final of the singer contest. I was very confident. From then on, I went to the playground to practice singing every night, with the cold and damp breath, until 11:30. I got up at six twenty in the morning, went to the open field outside the school to practice speech, when others roam in the dream, I also a person lying on the cold computer before again and again to change the self ppt. Because I don't want to give up every chance to exercise myself. I want to succeed, so I must work hard. Fewer people chase the wind, young dream, I believe that the opportunity is always left to prepared people.

October 27, is an unforgettable day, it is the day of my competition, but I failed, and with the lowest points eliminated, I am very sad, also very disappointed, think of tomorrow's speech contest, I think there are expectations, so in the dead of night, I sat in front of the cold computer, began to change the ppt again and again, read the speech, but the day is not as desired, At noon on October 28th, I failed again, when the failure hit again, no one understood the pain and sadness in my heart, I began to give up, I wanted to give up all this, because there was no reason for me to insist, I had negative thoughts. No one could understand the stress of dealing with the darkness of failure.

When I was ready to escape from all this, she stood up and encouraged me and supported me again and again, she told me: You have the courage to stand on the stage, you are already successful. This sentence touched my heart for a long time, again and again filled my soul. Two weeks of hard work, although I lost a lot, but I feel very full. I began to study everything she said to me: This is just a beginning, you will not give up the interest of self because of this setback, as long as you strive for self, even if you fail don't regret, these words in my mind again and again across, her figure in front of my eyes, I saw her calm, see her humble principles of doing things, thank you for giving me support and encouragement, I saw the power of failure, and when it came again, I chose to be strong.

Sometimes failure can't stop you from becoming a successful person, the key is your idea, is you put yourself in a small circle, and success and failure is an unbridgeable gap. It is a myth that you never fail. Failure is not to be feared as long as you have success in your life.

British Harold Evans once had such a wonderful argument: for me whether a man can sink in failure, mainly depends on whether he can grasp his own failure. Everyone has experienced failure at one time or another, so failure is a very normal thing. If you want to succeed, you will be able to fail as a ladder, in other words, success includes failure. The only thing I want to say about failure is that, first of all, we should dare to face up to failure, and then find out the real reason for failure, set up the confidence to overcome failure, with a strong will to encourage myself step by step out of defeat, to brilliant.

Through the failure of the self, we can realize the shortcomings and limitations of the self, understand the immaturity of the self. Through the failure of others we can also be inspired by a lot, learn a lot of truth, so that we can avoid a lot of detours.

On the road of life, there are bright sunshine, there are overcast clouds, but the heart is fragile, the occasional wind and rain, will also make the self met the end of the world, but when you in the wind and rain in the swaying steady stand, see the sun is so bright, every day is still full of expectations, temporary failure can not explain what. One day in the future, I will Dapeng wings, water hit three thousand.

Out of the shadow of failure, life is still colorful, thanks to the people who gave me support and encouragement after my failure, thank you! When failure comes again, I choose to be strong. I hope all people can face up to the failure, as strong as I go on.


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