What You See—vs—What I See

by Ellie-mae Warden 8 months ago in anxiety

A day in the life of anxiety...

What You See—vs—What I See
Look closely at this picture...

When you look at this picture you get two perceptions. One, a beautiful girl with makeup on... two, take a closer look. The eyes, you see the pain in her eyes.

My name is Ellie-Mae Warden, and today I am going to be talking about a day in the life of anxiety. I am doing this in hope of others who are feeling the same or can relate to this know you are not alone. There is hope. You will get through this. It’s just one long storm that will pass...

Who talks about the days you mentally cannot get out of bed? Who feels like they are believed when someone says they understand? Who talks about the days you shut yourself away, drowning in nothing but the snakes in your head?

Now some of you may not quite yet understand what I am going on about, let me explain... you see, I am referring to the snakes and eyes quite a lot from the photo, and for that there are reasons. If you have lived a day in the life of anxiety, you will know what I mean... the snakes are the soul, the soul of the beautiful girl with makeup on. The snakes I see are... the life slowly starting to drain and draw in on this girl; I see her pain. The whole world slowly trying to take a toll on her, swallow her up. Break her, not let her burst through. I see this girl is strong enough—so, so strong enough; she is just carrying the weight of the snakes 🐍 (soul). You look at this photo she is exposed! The snakes are drawing out of her red fulgent eyes... the sleepless nights, tossing and turning, wanting to make a sound, but you're stuck. Body numb, unable to move... silent tears. For the world she fears. You look at this photo, for she is exposed! How can you not see! The world around has an effect on me? One look. One word. One plea. How did it get so dizzy? the snakes rushing down your whole body leaving you powerless, numb. Your soul wanting to better yourself but you can’t your just stuck... you see I refer to numb and stuck a lot this is a day in the life of anxiety!!! You see an ordinary girl with makeup on. Others and me feel a day in the life of anxiety.

My point is you look at a photo, and every single person will have a different perception of it. You will see just a beautiful girl with makeup on and keep scrolling. Then theres others. Others and me. Others will know what I mean If you’ve lived and survived in a day of anxiety.

I hope this is relatable for all of the people going through anxiety, mental illness or any sort of soul crushing problems but you’ve made it out the other side. Or are trying to make sense of it. I want you to know you can reach out to me, or anyone else. You do not have to face it alone! Go be a bad b****

Ellie-mae Warden
Ellie-mae Warden
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