What you don't know about bipolar disorder.

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& What you need to know.

What you don't know about bipolar disorder.
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Why did you click this post?

Ask yourself, Really, Why did you click it?

Is this part of your research? Is this your research for yourself? Or are you concerned about a family member or friend?

Let me tell you right now, Anyone in the mental health community understands all your qualms and questions. People with bipolar disorder often isolate themselves from others or even in a way- Isolate from themselves.

Its common for us to do that, To detach in a way that even we sometimes don't understand. People with bipolar disorder have rapid mood swings that can change our whole moods and personalities in a matter of minutes or hours.

What you need to know when a person with bipolar disorder get into a downswing.

1.) Don't push us.

We don't owe you anything, We don't need to explain ourselves or our feelings. We have no obligation to do anything for you- Especially in the worst part of our mood cycle.

Please don't push us to tell you how we are feeling or what's going on in our own heads. Also, Do us a favor and don't make us talk. Sometimes.. We just can't.

2.) Try to understand..

It can be hard, Knowing or loving someone with bpd, And don't get us wrong, The people with the disorder know that aswell. The important thing is to understand us and notice the little things.

My mom has told me, That she sees when I'm about to get a manic or depressive phase by my mood or actions- Even sometimes my appetite. Its a matter of knowing who you're looking at.

3.) We can't always identify our thoughts or emotions.

Sometimes we wont be able to articulate our words or thoughts into proper sentences, So be patient with us and try to give us time and space to figure our stuff out and get our train of thought on track.

4.) We can be sensitive.

We are sensitive to way too many things!

Im sorry to say, But the amount of times I've been triggered by someone making an offhanded joke about any mental illness- Or especially bpd, It can trigger just about any of us.

The same goes for hearing stories about it on tv, Or seeing people with bipolar disorder be portrayed on television.

Its..A sensitive subject.

The main point of this article, Is to become understanding- Pick your words wisely, and be as gentle as you can possibly be. I'm not saying we're fragile- In all honesty we are probably the strongest people you know, But I am saying, Sometimes even the strongest glass cracks.

kellie dougherty
kellie dougherty
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