What We Have Aren't Diseases. We Are Not Sick

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There are many mental disorders that we have to learn about but is it right to put some in the same category as others?

What We Have Aren't Diseases. We Are Not Sick
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Mental disorders can be almost anything and everything nowadays. Autism is a mental disorder, depression is a mental disorder, dementia is a mental disorder, and suicidal thoughts are also coming from a mental disorder.

From the name, you can understand that mental disorder is an out-of-order state of mind. As in, not normal. The actual definition of mental disorder is: "A wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior." A mental disorder can also be called a mental "illness." Another word for "illness" is "disease," meaning that all the people who suffer from certain "mental disorders" can almost be put under the same category of those who have cancer and HIV.

I, myself, have social anxiety that has gotten very bad over the year, but flew away as soon as I found its source. I refused medicine. I refused therapists. I refused remedy. What I needed was to listen to myself, and focus on who I am.

Don't label me under a category that is untrue. I'm not sick. I'm normal. We're normal. We all have suffered from these "Mental Disorders" once or twice. That means that almost only like 5 percent of the population is "normal." It is logical that medicine doesn't help but makes it worse. It makes your thought process less effective. You lose yourself. You lose conscience of your beautiful, pretty, amazing, normal self.

What we need isn't medicine or pills. What we need is people's attention. We need the attention of our parents, our families, our friends, and the people we love. What we need are people to actually think about us. And what we need to do is believe in ourselves, no matter what anyone says.

These kind of mental disorders aren't contagious. They aren't. What is contagious, is our thoughts. Being negative, telling people how much "cutting yourself" feels nice, telling them how much they think suicide is going to help them, now that is contagious. Don't spread it. Don't tell people how much a blessing death is. Because it's not. How do you know what's waiting for you in the future? You could have missed out on the most amazing thing that's ever happened to you.

If you need help, talk to your parents. If you're an adult, talk to your significant other/husband. If you're single, talk to your friends. If you've got none, talk to your relatives. My point is, everyone has someone. Even if you don't, you've got actual good therapists that don't believe in medicine, because that is how psychological doctors should be.

I refuse to be put under a category that says I have a disease. What we need to do is take a look at ourselves and see that little mistake we made that we can fix. What we need to do is ask for help. Ask for attention. Ask and someone will understand you. Someone will help you help yourself.

I disagree with what doctors are saying. I disagree with the solutions they are offering. Medicine is supposed to be about antibiotics, and pain killers and those kinds.

The brain took years and years to study and learn about by the greatest of scientists. Then how is it so easy to be able to mess it up with medicine that will only make you worse. That will make you believe that you are sick and in need of help. The help that will get you very involved in doctors and pills, that actually come with a price — come with an outcome that is not the one that you were promised.

If we aren't normal, then who is? If depression is a disease, then how are the doctors that had that "disease" curing us and telling us what we have and what we don't. It is absolutely despicable. Outrageous. Very hypocritical.

Look at the financial aspect of it. Doctors earn money from the payments you give them where you believe they are effective. Some doctors offer medicine without any sort of psychology. They add more and more prescriptions to you when the old ones don't work, without taking out the old ones. It's like school work.

When you're absent, you're only adding up more and more work to yourself. And when you come back to school, you do the new ones and hold the old ones as baggage because you don't have time. Then when the quarter is over, it comes to bite you in the back.

Drug companies expand their business by selling drugs. That is how they prosper. That is how they earn a living. People look for new jobs everywhere and they keep adding and adding trying to find a purpose, even if it's small or unneeded.

We are human. We are not toys or objects to try new medicine on. Our brains aren't free for entertainment. They are fragile. Ruining them with unneeded medicine that we are not sure if it works or not, isn’t what we should be doing.

Drugs are drugs no matter what purpose they are used for. They all have side effects. And abuse of drugs would lead to the body not reacting anymore. Again, the more bacteria that enter your body the more your immune system will fight, the more medicine can't affect you anymore.

This is your body, your brain, your heart. Take care of it. All of it. Don't put the blame on some "disease" when it's only you. Blame yourself and try your best to get over it. Don't try to find an escape in drugs and doctors that offer you no use.

Not all therapists are bad. Some refuse assigning medicine to their patients no matter what. Those are the therapists that you know you can trust.

Instead of calling it "Mental Disorders," we could call it hardships — hardships that we need help with. We could call it what they are: Anxiety, depression, dementia, ADHD... etc. Why should we put a label on it? They aren't all the same. They are all different with different qualities. So why do we call them under one name? Why do we call them diseases when they are anything but? It's wrong. That term is offending to me.

It's wrong and I, for one, completely disagree.

Sara H
Sara H
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