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What is the difference between Crack and Cocaine?

by Angelica J 4 months ago in addiction

Drug Addiction Treatment

People often get confused between cocaine vs crack, because they look at pictures of the drug abuse, or drug user. Both forms of this drug deliver high levels of dopamine in the brain to raise sexual pleasure. Crack and cocaine are both faster acting stimulants that cause a person to be very sensitive and happy. It reduces a person's appetite, making them want to eat less.

In recent years, more people are getting the drug addicted and using cocaine, than ever before. One reason that people are starting to get hooked on this drug is because it is easily accessible and costs little money compared to other drugs. Another reason that people are starting to get addicted to cocaine is because it is highly addictive, and users need to continually use it to function normally.

When a drug user snorts cocaine, or crack, it passes through their lungs in a similar way as if they were drinking alcohol. When the drug reaches the lungs, the receptors in the lining of the throat will receive a burst of a chemical called dopamine. This causes a euphoric sensation, and the user will feel highly alert, irritable, and happy. After the "high" wears off, the user will experience a "crash", and their body will begin to need more cocaine to produce these feelings again.

When a person uses cocaine, or crack, it causes an even higher surge of dopamine through the brain. The problem with crack and cocaine use is that it causes the brain chemistry to change, causing an entirely new set of problems. People who regularly use crack or cocaine are much more likely than others to experience anger problems, paranoia, extreme mood swings, depression, anxiety, and even severe cravings. These cravings often come very strongly at times, and addicts will go through great extents to consume their drugs. Addicts also have problems sleeping and can quickly lose interest in eating and other normal healthy habits. What is the difference between cocaine and crack?

Crack cocaine is made from the extract of a specific type of root found in the Cacao bean. While there are many different types of coffee beans, nothing compares to the concentrated form of Cacao powder which is obtained from the Cacao bean. Cocoa powder is what is used to make the drug, and it is the substance most associated with cracking. What is the difference between cocaine and crack?

While both drugs are derived from the same source, the active ingredient used in both is caffeine, or caffeine hydrochloride. Cocaine is much more powerful than crack and is often smoked, but can be snorted as well. Crack cocaine is powdered cocaine, and is typically sold in small packets similar to coke, but instead of being smoked, users crush the powder and inhale the powerful stimulant. So what is the difference between crack and cocaine?

The treatment for crack cocaine is extremely difficult and dangerous due to the concentrated nature of the drug. Many people attempt to start a treatment program for themselves, only to be disappointed when their efforts are in vain. Most programs that offer treatment for cocaine rely on harsh injections of cocaine hydrochloride, or shots, which offer little to no relief. In most cases, it is not until the user's body adapts to the drug that he or she can safely be reintroduced into daily life.

If you have broken up with someone and are thinking about using cocaine, stop immediately. You do not want to ruin your relationship, and you don't want to hurt anyone else. When using cocaine, under the care of a qualified medical doctor, under the supervision of a qualified psychiatrist, and under the guidance of a registered drug addict, using cocaine should be a safe and productive part of your life. But if you decide that you have had enough of the abuse and the pain, you should consult a crack cocaine rehab clinic for further assistance.


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