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What is Diamorphine?

by Jalin Tinajero 15 days ago in addiction

Morphine Addiction

Diamorphine belongs to the family of analgesics. This is also called the generic codeine. This drug was originally prescribed as a medicine for the treatment of depression and cannot be purchased without a prescription from your physician or pharmacists. It is available at different names like diamorphine, remorphane, oxycodone, OxyContin, remifluoperazine, oxyhydrocodone, hydrocodone and promethazine.

Diamorphine acts as an analgesic drug. It also reduces the nasal discharge associated with chronic bronchitis. You can easily get diamorphine over the counter on prescription. You are not advised to take this drug unless your physician advises you to do so because it can cause a severe constriction of the blood vessels of your lungs. Thus it may lead to a serious heart attack and death.

It is quite a safe drug that does not produce any side effects. However, drug abuse of this compound can lead to serious health problems. This is because it can cause the respiratory system to malfunction leading to difficulty in breathing and thus cause death. This is because a person taking this drug is not able to take the breathe easily, which can be fatal for them.

Diamorphine belongs to the family of opioids and as such has certain similarities with morphine. It is an extremely powerful analgesic and can therefore prove very dangerous if taken in high doses. Drug abuse of this compound results in a number of serious ailments including respiratory failure, heart failure, kidney failure, blindness, disfigurement, coma, and even death.

The first incident that led to the discovery of diamorphine was in 1965 when it was found in a body of a mentally challenged patient who died due to excessive heroin consumption. Since then there have been umpteen cases where diamorphine was abused resulting in a number of fatalities. The first person to be reported to have abused this substance was a British nurse who was addicted to diamorphine while working in a mental hospital. She was arrested under the Mental Health Act for supplying the drug and was sentenced to two years in jail.

However, this was later reduced to one year in jail on appeal. Following this appeal, the original sentence was increased to four years in jail. In spite of this increase in sentencing, diamorphine was made legal again in England and Wales in 1998. However, this was only after there were complaints regarding its misuse in some regions. In order to control the use of this drug, new measures were imposed which saw people having to obtain written permission from a doctor before using it.

It is also noteworthy that this particular diamorphine has a maximum daily consumption limit of two capsules. This means that if a doctor orders more than the recommended dose, the doctor may refuse to issue the prescription. Imports and exports of this particular drug are strictly monitored and controlled by customs officers to ensure that the correct dosage of the drug is being supplied.

In addition to diamorphine, another common drug abuseogen is methamphetamines. Methamphetamines are mainly used as stimulants and are often used in combination with other drugs such as cocaine. They are also known as speed or ice. Like diamorphine, it is also used for treating mental disorders and is usually injected intravenously. It has been reported that there are several side effects of methamphetamines such as heart attacks, seizures and allergic reactions.

The main source of information about drug abuse is the internet, where information about every drug in the world is available. There are many search engines where you can go to find out about diamorphine as well as other drugs such as heroin. If you're wondering how much does diamorphine cost, the answer is simply about $500 per gram. This drug isn't sold on the streets, so you won't find it in the drugstores where you will find many other abused drugs. The only way to get hold of this drug is through importers and suppliers who are willing to sell it to people.

You should be wary of importers and suppliers who claim to sell this drug at a low price. There are two reasons why you should be cautious. The first reason is that they may be selling it in very low doses. This means that users might get addicted to the drug and that's not something that you want. The second reason is that you have no idea how much exactly is being purchased. If you don't pay attention to the quantity of a drug, then you could end up getting very addicted to it.

Don't be scared of ordering online or of using your credit card to pay for a product. Most websites will offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the product. You could also try talking to an actual supplier or importer instead of buying it over the internet. A real supplier or importer will gladly give you a detailed explanation of the features of diamorphine and its proper use.

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Jalin Tinajero
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