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What is an Empath? Here are 11 Different Kinds of Empaths..

Dear Empath

By K.A Luxe Media Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 15 min read

I like writing about empaths and intuitive empaths, but I have never written so in-depth about all of the different kinds of empaths to this level. It has been very interesting assessing all the many similarities and differences of empaths. 

What is an empath?

An empath can sense the emotions of  those around them, they can sense what others are thinking and feeling, being sensitive to their energy and vibe, it’s an amazing gift which happens naturally. The compassion they express with connecting with others feels like blessings in abundance. 

Here is a list of the different kinds of empaths, with a summary that covers their personality traits and similarities. Many empaths share multiple traits with other kinds of empaths. If you are an empath this list will help you identify which ones. I have also added some useful empaths quotes also.

1. Emotional Empath

An emotional empath is highly sensitive to other people's feelings, they absorb it  more than any other empath, and can feel exhausted and easily overwhelmed they  are easily drained of energy by narcissists and energy vampires who seek them out. If an emotional empath is around a person that is upset, they will draw that emotion and at times think it’s their own aura and vibe which isn’t good at all, on the positive side if someone close to them is elated and extremely happy the emotional empath experiences it also which is a positive thing. An emotional empath will need to learn their own sensitivities and emotions differently from others, by setting clear boundaries and limitations to have that time and space to reflect and rejuvenate, whilst seeking inner peace and healing deep breathing or meditation, and learning shielding techniques. Sometimes people mistaken all empaths for enduring only what the emotional empath goes through, but all empaths have different strengths and weaknesses. 

Empaths have to be careful not to internalise others’ feelings, as this can cause them to feel anxious, sad, or even depressed. It can leave the empath feeling drained or exhausted. They must learn to set boundaries so as not to let toxic people drain them dry. – Donna G. Bourgeois

Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck. - Anthon St. Maarten

Judith Orloff M.D is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, Author of The Empath’s Survival Guide. She is also an Emotional Empath and explains that: “They can sit beside a depressed person while watching a comedy and walk out of the movie theater feeling depressed. How? The other person’s energy field overlaps with the empath’s field during the film." 

2. Physical Empath (aka) Medical Empath

Physical empaths are highly sensitive, being similar to emotional empaths but what makes them different, is that they absorb other people’s energy to such an extent that they also experience their physical ailments to severe aches and pains, leading to depths of despair but on the positive side of things, physical empaths can also experience happiness and jubilation, by simply soaking up all that high vibrational energy from others, but once physical empaths learn how to shift their gift into their favour, they will be able to enter a person’s energy field to heal them, without absorbing it and effecting themselves. 

Empaths are born that way, but being empathic is something most of us can learn. They put others in front of themselves as long as it’s doable. Harmony in any given circumstance is something they strive to create. They are being affected by others’ emotions and energies—so balance is super-important to them. They want to make the desires and wishes come true for the ones around them as often as possible. They want to motivate and inspire others to grow as well. - Kristine Einang 

As an empath, it’s vital that you learn how to hold space for your emotions, even the most painful ones. By anchoring yourself in your breath, you can learn how to witness the emotional energy of others within you, without attaching yourself to these sensations. Mateo Sol

3. Dream Empath

Dream empaths have the ability to acquire intuitive knowledge from their dreams, as they have the ability to recall dreams vividly, and can configure and interpret meanings so that they are able to read between the lines to understand their dream experiences. It’s amazing that they can remember the most important points made in their dreams, which is always useful, and great with deep messages that assist situations in real life at times. Many heyoka and intuitive claircognizant empaths can relate as they also have this precious gift. I am blessed that I can read my dreams also but we don’t dream often, but more than the average person, but what is not meant to be remembered won’t be. A dream empath can dream relatives that have passed on which is comforting and just nice! 

Empaths tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive. They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. - Susan Cain

An empath hones in on the emotions of a person. Having Psychic abilities focuses on the communication of the soul. Not to be mistaken for a gut feeling-Instinct. Gut Instinct is the internal mechanism for survival.Serena Jade

4. Psychometric Empath

Psychometric empaths are strongly connected to receiving energy, they absorb and feel it through interacting with people and insightful readings on all kinds of objects, antique, furniture, jewellery, books and more simply by holding on to it, the transferring of energies it feels amazing to them, the gift and ability that they have is enlightening, psychometrics empaths can seek out the hidden meanings, deeper insights and  the full in-depth narrative to what they are expressing, their impressions of places and information that they receive from the energy is quite extraordinary. 

Empaths are absorbers, not observers. When you just observe, you are no longer an empath but just a sympath. - Monika Chetri

Everything in existence is energy and gives off waves. Empaths are merely magnets for those energy waves, some feeling small crests while others live bombarded with tidal waves.Jennifer Soldner

5. Flora Empaths (aka) Plant Empaths

Flora empaths enjoys being in the essence of greenery particularly plant hence the name, being a green thumb they have a unique exchange which makes them know and sense exactly what a plant requires and how to tend to them, being intuitively led and knowing what angle they should be placed at, flora empaths are happy observing plants and are often surrounded with plants, they also listen to it and tree vibrations to determine their essence, flora empaths are excellent landscapers and gardeners and many of them work in florists. 

Dear Empaths...

You are a being of immense depth, wisdom, and compassion. You are a pioneer and trailblazer of humanity, a model for others on how to be sensitive and powerful. All the strength and love you need is already within you, waiting to be discovered. Mateo Sol

Many people confuse empaths for weak people who are nothing but scared. The opposite is true. When surrounded by positive energy they flourish into lovely creatures that are so much fun to hang around.Katya Ki

6. Earth Empath (aka) Precognitive Empath

An earth empath has a desire to be in touch with nature, their strong bond with earth and sensitivity to plants, is similar to plant empaths, but earth empaths are called precognition which refers to their future vision, earth empaths feel strongly connected to what is going on in the universe as a whole, earth empath’s psychic ability predicts earthquakes and natural disasters, they feel a heightened sensations that jolts their body which  intensifies their emotions when they  feel a shift in the dynamics, it has a strong unsettling impact on them. In general earth empaths are extremely powerful and insightful. 

Empaths feel more deeply, more intensely, and more persistently than those around us. We even feel what other people are afraid to feel within themselves. Mateo Sol

Empaths should be treasured. They love deeply and think deeply about life. They are loyal, honest, and true. The simple things someone mean the most to them. They don’t need to change or harden. Their purity makes them who they really are. - Author Unknown

7. Fauna Empaths (aka) Animal Empath

Animal empaths have a special bond and connection to animals, they have the strongest ability to sense and just know what an animal needs, and are usually the ones that you see stroking and soothly speaking to them calmly,  reassuringly, and even telepathically but not all animal empaths have that bonus ability, many of them do own pets and work closely with animals at pet shelters, veterinary surgeries and dog sitters, zoos and various places where animals are. If there is a animal cause or a petition for animal rights match, you will find plenty of animal empaths amongst the crowds fighting for animal rights and injustice. Animal empaths are very compassionate. 

Empathetic presence involves listening to someone’s pain with what I call the five A’s: Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection, and Allowing. - David Richo

Never underestimate the empowered empath. Our kindness and compassion are too often mistaken for weakness or naivety, while we are in fact highly calibrated human lie detectors…and fearless warriors for truth and justice. – Anthon St. Maarten

8. Geomantic Empath

Geomantic empaths have the ability to read signals from the soil or earth. This type of empath is especially sensitive to reading and feeling the essence to grasp how to assist securing the earth through physical landscape works, so that they can prevent massive damages from future natural disasters. A geomantic empath can in fact detect when hurricanes and natural disasters will occur, they just intuitively know by sensing the changes in the earth’s  energy, geomantics empaths will make sure that you feel euphoria and with high vibrations anywhere they are able to mark their spot, and it’s what they work hard to achieve, a sense of harmony in sacred places, architecture buildings and various other places also which is simply amazing. 

As an empath, we are not here to be sponges or enablers. We are here to be helpers, guides, and supporters. – Aletheia Luna

Empaths process information about their environments-both physical and emotional-unusually deep. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss-another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly. - Susan Cain

9. Telepathic Empath

Telepathic empaths are able to connect telepathically, the heyoka and intuitive claircognizant empaths have this gift also, but telepathic empaths are intuitively stronger in this area, they can pick up on energy, emotions, facial gestures and body language, they have the ability to connect deeply by reading people’s thoughts and feelings so naturally and simultaneously without a person needing to utter a word, telepathic empaths simply just read the five senses and lead from there, by assessing and analysing others so accurately, they can hold objects and feel the emotions and vibrations attached to it which is awesome in itself. Many telepathic empaths use their gifts for detective work, being drawn to help others by sometimes assisting the officials and authorities by assisting with investigations in their quest to provide their superpowers and intuitive gifts, leading as a guide to pick up the answers to solve an issue or problem, very extraordinary and realistic all at the same time. 

I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person. - Walt Whitman 

The Empath is often said to have such a degree of empathy that they can literally feel what others feel, and thus intuitively know many of the yearnings, sensitivities, tastes and even thought patterns of the people they’re around. - Aletheia Luna 

10. Intuitive Empath (aka) Claircognizant Empath 

Intuitive empaths are emotional and highly sensitive but it’s not a defining factor, they pick up emotions from others but don’t absorb them they instantly know the difference, intuitive empaths don’t take on another person’s energy or emotions as if it were their own, instead they simply observe and transmute negativity into positivity instantly to maintain positivity and high energy vibrations. Being intuitively intelligent with razor sharp instincts intuitive empaths have holistic superpowers and are gifted with claircognizant psychic abilities, being natural healers.

The claircognizant part is the high energy and vibrations, intuitive empaths carefully enters and vibes of the energy field of others to heal and support them, intuitive empaths can read a persons emotions in depth, through facial gestures and body language accurately, they like to determine other people’s intentions and are natural lie detectors also, which makes it easier for them to know how to safeguard themselves and and close relatives who often rely on them to save the day, intuitive empaths tend to strengthen their energetic field, by observing others instead or absorbing negative vibes, they remain calm, positive and optimistic about almost everything. 

Intuitive empaths are used to the attention of others who are amazed by their warmth aura and presence, it can feel like being a VIP or Celebrity in their presence because are stunned by their warm aura and powerful presence.

It’s second nature to heal you even when  you can’t contemplate how I did it, but what you do know is that you are feeling energised and  exhilarating as if you were walking on air... I did that for you as an Heyoka and Intuitive Empath but I won’t accept anything in return. - Kay Angela (K.A Luxe Media) 

Intuitive Empaths have a more profound grasp of other people’s emotions. Due to this rare trait, they feel the thrill of their surroundings more intensely than others do. In turn, it is almost impossible for them to ignore these senses. Luckily, unlike other empaths, intuitive empaths can control what and how this energy affects them. They can direct this distinct talent towards helping others. – Katya Ki

I’m an  Intuitive Empath don’t lie to me! - Kay Angela (K.A Luxe Media) 

Love, to empaths isn’t just a shallow experience based on looks, social status or great sex. Instead, love is something that comes from the very heart and soul of what an empath is. Love is intense passion, unconditional devotion, and absolute fierce vulnerability. Aletheia Luna

11. Heyoka Empath 

Heyoka’s are the most powerful empaths they are best described as being a kind of spiritual healer, teacher and motivator with psychic abilities similarly to the intuitive claircognizant empath, they are a spiritual and emotional mirror reflecting back a person’s true version of themselves, so that they can see things from a different perspective as they motivator them to become a better version of themselves, heyoka empaths can be subtle, direct or hilarious, but by interacting with them many people build up an emotional connection and a lasting impact which can be life changing. 

Heyoka empath are strong minded, confident and assertive, they will happily discuss anything in a honest and refreshing way by adding a little jest and humour with a high energy vibe, these people are refreshingly honest with great morals, values and integrity. If you know a heyoka empath you know they are a free spirit, they don’t follow a script in fact they challenge the norms and write their own rules, preferring to do the opposite to what everyone else is doing, heyoka empaths don’t hide their emotions they are assertive alphas, and boldly do whatever they want whenever they want to as who is trying to stop them? 

Heyoka empaths honesty is refreshing and just different to what many people are used to, it can however be overwhelming to a pessimist or negative person. The relatives and close friends of a heyoka empath know that it’s never easy to predict how they will react to certain matters as they are emotionally unpredictable, a really unsettling situation that reduces many to tears a heyoka empath will find the humour in the midst of it all and instead burst out laughing, and before you know it everyone else is laughing alongside them, but in general they cry as much as every empath as they have share many similarities with multiple empaths, but what sets them apart is being the strongest empath with their wisdom and jovial nature, and they really do see the blessings through difficulties. Heyoka the joker with a high energy vibe, just hilarious and fun to be around, they connect to their inner youth deep inside, which makes them see things with fresh eyes, being quite playful and refreshing whilst being intuitively intelligent and strong minded also. 

Heyoka empaths have strong creative energy, it’s strikingly attractive and visually appealingly displayed through whatever they lend their hand to, be it arts, crafts, performing etc.. Their great  ideas and incredible projects explode in sequences, they are trendsetters in their own rights and people are easily inspired by copying them or striving to do better in life. 

Heyoka empaths are thoughtful. caring and supportive, even to people they don’t know, they feel emotions strongly so can easily connect with others. If for example a situation presents itself whereas a stranger needed help, a heyoka empath will heal them in mere seconds. 

Heyoka Empaths like motivating others similarly to the intuitive claircognizant empaths, they are used to the attention of others who are amazed by their warmth aura and presence, it can feel like being a VIP or Celebrity in their presence because are stunned by their warm aura and powerful presence.

Give me a minute.... The stillness of silence to sharpen my Empath abilities, so that I can feel rejuvenated and be focused enough to heal your pain. - Kay Angela (K.A Luxe Media) 

Heyoka Empaths act as mirrors of our persona. They exploit light energies to open people’s minds and heal. They also rarely take things seriously. Heyokas are excellent at making jokes, to make light of a situation. However when they take their mask of it itches.Katya Ki

Now, more than ever, our society is in need of sensitive and empathic people. Now, more than ever, the human race needs to go inwards and connect with the Soul again. As natural-born healers, intuitives, and mentors, it is not only our responsibility but also our destiny to help humanity heal. – Aletheia Luna

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