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Weather the storm to see the gorgeous rainbow

Sadness is the coward's pass, hard to succeed is the motto of the brave.

By danielhuangPublished 16 days ago 3 min read

A song is good: do not experience wind and rain how to see the rainbow life also want to get ahead, want to be superior, must pay more than others several times the effort, God is fair, will not let the mediocre people enjoy success, will not let the hard work of people in vain, if you want to succeed, from the moment to work hard, is the best choice.

A dazzling pearl must be polished by countless movements of the clam's body and countless winds and waves before it can shine. Similarly, a truly successful person, also must be in countless times after the fall to stand up again, because do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow no one can casually succeed.

Shi Tiesheng fell and lost his legs, which would have been a terrible blow to anyone. But he did not lose confidence in life, but with his own brain and hands to express the infinite love of life.

Beethoven was blind and deaf, but he still wrote "hero" "Fate" and a lot of music works, in the unfortunate life, he stubbornly grabbed the throat of fate.

These are the people who have fallen in the past, but they are strong to stand up, and fate, and unfortunate struggle, and finally achieved great success.

So for each of us, wrestling is not terrible, terrible is that you lose confidence in life and courage.

Bing Xin said: successful flower, people only admire its present bright! However, at the beginning of its bud, soaked the struggle of tears, sprinkled with the sacrifice of the blood rain.

Therefore, each of us can't stay depressed when dealing with misfortune, because we all have the possibility to grasp any chain of life after changing our mentality.

Just like the boy in the picture, we should boldly say that it is not a big deal when we are asked by teachers, parents and society after he falls.

Because life is our own, destiny is in the hands of our own, our attitude, our choice, determine the direction of life.

Frustration is a wealth of life, is to promote your success of a good medicine, do not experience wind and rain flowers, how can be gorgeous without suffering life, how can issue dazzling brilliance

As Hong Zhanhui, a character who moved China in 2005, said: Difficulties, we have the duty to deal with it, to solve it. As a new generation of young people, we should understand that wrestling is not terrible, just like we always have the courage to sing this song: no wind and rain, how can see the rainbow no one can casually succeed!

I want to say, do not experience a wrestling and a fall after standing up, how can people grow up wrestling

A kind of happiness, rain is the precursor of the rainbow after the rain!

Greenhouse does not grow a towering tree yesterday, you are still a no one to visit the sapling, no flowers, no trees high, can not withstand the ravages of the wind and rain, today, you do not have to think back, do not worry about panic, as long as you brave stand in the earth, spring summer autumn winter, rain or shine, willing to be influenced by the wind, frost, rain and dew, devout to accept the warm wind baptism, then, The past low and small will be pulled out of the towering fearsome heroic posture

If fate breaks the sails of expectation, please do not despair, the other side of success is still there; If the fate of the beautiful flowers withered, please do not sink, the eternal spring is still in. If the willows have died back, there is a time of greening; Flowers have fallen, but they will bloom again. Life is short, why not in this short life, let the self life is full of happiness. Sadness is the coward's pass, hard to succeed is the motto of the brave.

If you want to go on the road, it is necessary to prepare for the thorns on the road to self, ready to take out a strong heart, to deal with the setbacks and frustrations on the road to success, believe in yourself, your efforts will not be in vain, victory will come as expected!


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