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Vitality Adjustment

It sounds so easy, doesn't it? Getting it all started. To some people getting things started isn't a thought at all. Every day there are examples of people that do amazing things just by following their passions. Still sounds simple, right? If you follow what you dream about and have a strong passion to carry out those dreams it should be easy to get started. Right? It sounds to me that someone would be overly eager to do something that they are passionate about, get started without anything or anybody to get in their way. It is easy, for some. There are those that deal with what nearly 20 percent of Americans deal with on a daily basis and that is some sort of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can attack a person in many different ways. Some people may deal with one or two symptoms, some may have several symptoms that never give any warnings on when they are coming and going. It is a never-ending whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that sometimes control a persons life to the point to where they have to go see a physician, possibly take a prescribed medication, seek group counseling, or even take an all natural route with modern alternative medicine. I have said many of times, and you may quote me, "The people that deal with an anxiety disorder cannot explain it, and those that don't, cannot understand it."

This is where everything ties together. I have an anxiety disorder. I have been diagnosed with severe generalized anxiety, which is one of the many anxiety disorders out there. Here are a list of the major anxiety disorders:

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • Phobic Disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This new adventure of starting a blog is going to be beneficial in many ways. By me sharing some stories, tips on dealing with symptoms, recipes, exercise routines, or just generalized information about anxiety, will hopefully give someone else that deals with a disorder a positive outlook and motivation to deal with their own symptoms. Furthermore, to possibly make the quote that I made earlier obsolete by possibly give an inside look to those that do not deal with an anxiety disorder to where they can better understand what a friend, colleague, or even a family member may experience.

To those that deal with an anxiety disorder, I understand. I may not know the exact emotion or the exact thought that you experience, but I know how those thoughts drag you down and drain your motivation. I've spent nearly a lifetime hearing a negative narrative telling me and trying to convince me on how I shouldn't start a project, or I'm not good enough to go for something I want to achieve. Constantly saying, "I'm sorry" for anything that happens, whether it was in my control or not. Being overly concerned if I'm keeping up to an impossible achievable standard. Always having to reassure myself of things I'm already aware of, like checking dates for events, the time, or even today's actual date. Then the one that bothers me the most, canceling dates and events because of convincing myself of some excuse that is far from actually being a viable one.

Finally, the number one reason I want to do this. For myself. I get to start something that I always wanted to do. I get to publicly journal stories of daily struggles and what I did to overcome those challenges. I call my endeavor, Vitality Adjustment. Plain and simple, fixing my life. Fixing it by doing things that many people that have an anxiety disorder are afraid of doing. I'm going to be getting real by doing videos, sharing real emotions by streaming broadcasts, and writing blogs that uncover the true feelings of a person dealing with anxiety. I'm going to be releasing this to a large audience, The Internet. People that I have known for years are going to read, possibly for the first time, my struggles of an everyday challenge. Many are going to look at me in disbelief that I deal with those challenges and most of the time cover them up without anyone noticing. I am not going to let my anxiety control my life any longer, I am going to start controlling it.

Please follow me, I will post other social media outlets that you can catch me on. I broadcast on YouNow which also broadcasts on my Tumblr. Here are the other social media accounts you can follow me on:

Feel free to comment, or ask questions. YouTube channel soon to follow.

Never give up on finding new ways of dealing with current challenges.

BIGG_JOE Vitality_Adjustment
BIGG_JOE Vitality_Adjustment
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BIGG_JOE Vitality_Adjustment

Dealing with anxiety is an understatement. I have had symptoms of generalized anxiety for nearly my entire life. I'm hoping to create a series of blogs to possibly guide those on living a happier life that suffers from anxiety daily.

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