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Unique items to add to your stress relief kit.

by Christina Epperly 2 years ago in advice
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Five fun items to help you with stress management

Unique items to add to your stress relief kit.
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This world is full of unavoidable stress and sooner or later we come to the realization that we must arm ourselves against it. When it comes to buying things to protect yourself against the stress that life brings, there are certain items that probably come to mind right away. These items may include exercise equipment, skin care products, a journal, or a notebook and of course a stress ball. Those items are all great ideas but let us dig a little deeper and discover some other items that may not come to mind right away. I have made a list of five lesser-known stress reliving items below. I hope you find these ideas to be helpful on your stress reduction journey.

1. Play Dough – This classic childhood toy makes an excellent addition to any stress relief kit. Stress balls are great however I personally find play dough to be more therapeutic. I know it may not be possible to bring play dough with you to work, but it can be kept at home on in your car to aid in reliving after work stress. There is something very relaxing about rolling, squishing, and shaping play dough. One great thing about playdough is that it comes in all different colors and you can even make your own. You can find many different recipes online for all different kinds of playdough including scented and even tie dye.

2. Crayons and coloring books – Adult coloring books have been getting more and more popular lately however I find that coloring books that are meant for children are more relaxing. Coloring books that are made for adults tend to contain complex images that can take a lot of focus and concentration to complete. There is nothing wrong with adult coloring books but there is something that is very soothing about coloring in a large space and just moving the crayon back and forth without worrying about coloring outside of the lines. Speaking of crayons, they are so much fun. Crayons not only come in almost every color that you can think of, but you can also find crayons in all kinds of shapes such as animals or rings and even ones made with glitter in them. When your getting items to help you manage stress It is important to find items that make you smile. With that being said go ahead and get those silly shaped crayons and cartoon coloring books!

3. Comfy clothes – When your shopping for stress reducing items it is easy to skip the clothing section, but it is not a section to be skipped. One of the first things I do after a day at work is to change into my coziest clothes. It a good idea to stock your closet with a bunch of comfy lounge clothes even for when the weather is on the warmer side. I would live in pajama pants and sweatpants if I could. Some other comfy clothes you may want to have include oversized shirts, soft or fuzzy shorts, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, and slippers. When it comes to relaxing sometimes you have to dress the part.

4. Photo albums – This item may sound a bit old school to you but there is no denying that your favorite photos can bring back happy memories and good feelings. I know that most of us keep our photos on our phones, but we all know that phones are not always reliable. Also, sometimes when your stressed it helps to take a break from your phone. There are apps where you can order copies of photos from your phone. You can select the photos that make you smile the most. I have several photo albums myself and they are pretty easy to find. You can find photo albums at the thrift stores I have also seen them at the dollar store.

5. Books – Books are one overlooked thing that can really help you to escape your stress for a while. I am not talking about self-help books. While these books can be helpful it is important to get away for a while and to not focus on your stress. I love reading books that take me away. Right now, I am reading a book that is based in Australia. Now, I am not suggesting that you run from your problems however we all need a break every now and then and a book is a simple thing that can give us that escape.


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