TSK36k presents :R.E.D of y.a.e Anxiety short film

Anxiety short film

An artist talks about anxiety and how It feels. the video talks about how people don't trust other people. In the world of society where people don't treat other people the way they want to be treated people with anxiety feel insecure. This causes tremendous stress on the person with anxiety. For people with anxiety its hard to breathe hard to sleep and hard to eat. symptoms for anxiety can also be physical so far as losing weight and losing hair. Other people with anxiety can also stress a lot. In the video you hear a voice over and you also here the anxiety soundtrack. Anxiety is torture. To some with anxiety living feels like dying. Panic attacks are major when it comes to anxiety. Some doctors don't take it as serious and will give you counseling. Medicine only suppresses anxiety its still there. Anxiety can also mess with your hygiene if you are not careful. People don't like other people with anxiety. A lot of people get bullied because of their previous experience of anxiety. Depression is also a very bad effect with anxiety. Depression is the next level of anxiety and people commit suicide. Life with anxiety is far worse than no life at all to some people. people think that other people with anxiety are selfish because they think that people would anxiety just wants attention. the seriousness of anxiety topic is for the sake of people with anxiety anybody who doesn't have it should be worried about somebody who does have the symptoms. people think other people with anxiety are crazy even though they're not it's just a symptom. Some people with anxiety can't stop tapping or can't stop moving. They can also experience insomnia something that real serious. anxiety is not just one thing other things are involved with anxiety so far as depression insomnia and ADHD. psychiatric help will not help. Just being open and being open-minded will work. mistreatment only makes it worse so please be extra cautious when you talk to them. Understanding is difficult in the world so it's only natural that people think that people with anxiety are beyond help. Encouraging words will help people with anxiety. Reach out and give them support. This video talks a lot about it and it should be watched. in the world of violence in the world of hate this video should be watched only because it talks a lot about anxiety. a lot of people with anxiety have good hearts and are very good people only because of their bad experience. They overthink a lot of things people with anxiety they do this a lot. if you have a family with anxiety don't mistreat them don't take advantage of them just a love them and have affection for them. This will help anxiety tremendously. with everything that's going on with the politic world we should only care about each other. in today's society people only care about money including doctors so er people will not help this situation. Police the people that protect us are also the people that are untrustworthy to those with anxiety. Anxiety is not just stress it is a very major thing it's a big deal. People see anxiety as being overdramatic And don't really think twice about it. They think it's entertainment when really its somebody who needs help. major artists are being lost because of this and it should be changed the only way it could be changed is if we have open minds. The community should help each other. No one person is unimportant than the other. actions speaks volume and if other people are bullied or mistreated into this it can cause very bad anxiety. Violence and other things can also cause anxiety. Anxiety happens to people who are very scared and come from very bad environments. Donovan Francis talks a lot about this. Talented spirited kids is the presenter. Everything is negative to people with anxiety even their own family can also be a victim when it comes to somebody with anxiety. the really big message of this video is just to treat other people with respect and dignity. Love is more powerful than hate if only people knew that. More people get praised for being Ignorant and bad people. A lot of people love disrespectful behavior. They see it as a way of standing up for yourself. But you could stand up for yourself in a positive way. Imagine a world with kindness faithfulness gentleness self-control. It will be like heaven a world with true peace. Only we can make that day happen. character says a lot about somebody and people with anxiety are very cautious of other people. People with anxiety it's not first impression it's first look. if they seen somebody that look like you who did them wrong they will not trust you.

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