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If you can't change the world, then change yourself, until the world can accept you.

By Bear feelingPublished about a year ago 3 min read

They say that the world is made up of colorful, red enthusiasm, gray confusion, orange passion, blue elegance, white purity, black fear in patchwork, constitute the colorful life, but you stubbornly said that the world is black and white, can never be color, even you think, occasionally hit a small wave, It is enough to make your original black and white world become completely dark, so that you can't see anything, you just keep groping in the dark, in the groping forward, to find your piece of white.

You may have been living in the memory of those people, those things, never forget, and then fell into the mire of memories, can not wake up for a long time, know that can not come back, but stubbornly stop there, refused to move forward. It is said that the cells in everyone's body will be changed every seven years, so after seven years, we will be a new person. Different roads, will make us separated, but it doesn't matter, each section of the road of life, we will find someone to accompany. Don't say sorry to lose, thank them for appearing in your life, accompany you laugh and cry, but they are destined to go far, so your life must look forward, new know people, new contact things, bring us is not the same beautiful.

The most precious things in the world, not those others have and you can't get, nor those have lost make you regret, but you have now, that is what you really cherish, don't put the heart in the heart of the pursuit of those empty things, it is just a dream you have, everyone knows, wake up, what is gone. If you want to be a dreamer, then prove it with your own efforts!

You can cry, but please don't give up;

You can fall, but don't afford to climb;

You can fail, but don't fail.

How can we not stumble on the way to pursue our dreams, and how can it be plain sailing? When learning to walk as a child, who has not fallen ah, fell a bit, and then climb up, so slowly you learn to walk, and the process of our dream, and learning to walk what is the difference, is also learning, is also in pursuit, in fact, are the same.

Don't be sad, don't despair, don't imagine, every suffering in life as a jump, you really spent, will step by step to success, your life is still a long way off, one day everything will be fine, don't too much attention to your frustration, not to give up, a little frustration is not enough to become your excuse for failure, Try again. You can.

If you can't change the world, then change yourself, until the world can accept you.

You are you, they are them, you can't live in the shadow of others all the time, try to get out of others, to do the real yourself, believe in yourself, you are incomparable beauty in this world, before doing anything, don't forget to smile to yourself and say "Come on, you can!"

No stage, no audience, do not stop your dance, please remember, you do not dance for the beauty of the stage, nor do you exist for the applause of the audience, they are all foreign things, you have to abide by your heart, the immortal love in your heart, the unswerving self and the beauty of dancing life, as long as you always insist on, do not abandon, do not give up, One day you will see the light in your heart!

The happiness you seek is the road under your feet. Don't think about anything else, don't hesitate, take it well, one day you will chase your happiness!

Youth testifies, ideal testifies, I pay, I have no regrets!


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    Bear feelingWritten by Bear feeling

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