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To All the childhood Versions of Me …

an Open Letter for Inner Child Healing ❤️‍🩹.

By Danielle DsEnlightenedEditsPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

To All the childhood Versions of Me …

To those who felt unloved and seldom seen, know that I see; I see you, and I Love you too.

Know that my love comes without condition, or need to prove yourSelf, to anyone (especially me). For I know and Love All of you, unmistakably, and unconditionally.

I know you are wise “beyond your years”; but I also know its trauma that’s brought us here. I know your family were all wounded too, and passed these traumas onto you.

I want you to know, beloved ones, that all of Me holds all of you … in place of your tormented family. For they couldn’t love you, more than their own trauma or pain. They refused to learn, and passed these things onto you, with much distain.

So, I tell you now and I tell you true, that pain was never meant for you. You needn’t work so hard to be, a beloved savior, or perfect Me; and you needn’t prove yourSelf worthy to receive your basic needs.

Yes, in a sense it is true, you came to heal what they would not; but a martyr or a savior you need be not. You did not come to struggle, or to save them and spite yourSelf. Its time to take your divinity off the shelf.

When you want to cry, or need support, when you fear their feelings, or are turned away, by their manipulative or judging arms, know that you have mine. You have my arms, to reach across space and time, to love on you, and hug you, judgment free - always unconditionally.

I pledge to listen, love, thank, and honor you, for all you are; and to encourage you, with all I am. For I could not be me without you; but we are so much more than you think we are (or can be).

I want you to know, that when it all feels pointless or too much, when you feel alone or unsupported, helpless or unsure, know that I am here, and we are more. We are always, (and always have been), more than enough; and never, never once “too much".

Those who called us ‘too much’, were only those who did not know how to love the muchness in themselves.

Those who would judge, or only love, appreciate, or use us for our gifts, are only those who fear, or are unready to embrace their own.

Those who make us feel inadequate, are those who would pass on wounds of inadequacy, rather than heal them, within themselves.

Know this.

Know that we who dwelled in sickness, will learn to heal. We will learn for others, to heal and bless others; but then I promise, we will use this power for us too, for all the versions of us that are, were, and will be.

Know that the trauma, judgement, and pain, doesn’t have to stop us anymore. We get to heal; and needn’t punish or limit ourselves, the way our family did.

You who thought, and were told that we had to be ‘responsible’, be all love, and all light, at all times, will get to stop running from the darkness, redefine, and embrace it. We will not hurt or be hurt by it, we will instead find light, strength, wholeness, and truth there.

And you, who all too often kept yourself in darkness, to be a beacon of light for others, will stop martyring yourSelf; and learn to be the Light for *you … and then for the world, from your overflow. You’ll stop feeling like you have to choose a side; and find that the balance between light and dark, is where life truly lives. You are not the yin or the yang, you are both … as sacred and divine in your dark as in your light, in your masculine, as in your feminine, in your human and in your Divine.

Love who (and what) you love. You need not seek approval, or fear others’ judgements. Know that everyone you love, you love with purpose, and it’s a blessing each time you do.

Know that love doesn’t have to be hidden in order to ‘be safe’, and it doesn’t have to mean pain. You can love differently. You can love others, and still have boundaries between you; or you can choose not to have them in your life at all. You can love you; and always know I love you too.

You, my dears, are not selfish.

You are not weak.

You are not responsible for others, their behaviors, or actions.

You are wise.

You are worthy of your needs; and they, nor you, are ever “too much”.

You are worthy of everything in which you want and need; and it is my honor, to help you have that.

Know that life needn’t ‘always be a struggle’, a thing to make sense of, or a mess to clean up.

Know that you can change your life; and it gets to become and be amazing … because You are amazing.

Above all, know I Love You, and I am here. I am so glad *you are … and I hope you allow yourSelf to Enjoy your Life.

With LoveLight and Light Codes…

© Danielle, #DAMCL ™ , @DsEnlightenedEdits ™ ®

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