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TikTok : The Dopamine Factory

We are all aware that the human brain is susceptible to being hooked to pleasure. However, while we're in the thick of it, it might be difficult to distinguish between harmful pleasure and good pleasure.

By Dimer | TLC Addict | Writer | Poet Published 2 years ago 3 min read
TikTok : The Dopamine Factory

Now, Having a nice sex time might make you feel fantastic. However, if you are a sex addict, you will require more and higher amounts of it in order to get the same dopamine high until nothing works in the same quantities as before, which will frequently lead to individuals engaging in more severe sexual activities. It's the same with enjoying delicious cuisine and becoming a food addict, or with initially loving exercise and becoming a fitness junkie.

For those who don't know : "Dopamine is a sort of neurotransmitter. It's produced by your body and used by your neurological system to communicate between nerve cells. The term "chemical messenger" refers to it because of this. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps us experience pleasure." - Lean More About Dopamine here

Dopamine, on the other hand, may lead to you being a fitness enthusiast or to you becoming a recreational drug user and then getting hooked since the brain is continuously looking for ways to get pleasure. As a result, if we don't have the self-control to restrict our pleasure intake and, in essence, parent our brains, we get addicted to the substance. As soon as we fulfill a demand, dopamine is released into our bodies and our brains reward us by increasing our desire to satisfy it again, therefore allowing us to enjoy more of our brains.

Pleasure drug of social networking applications have been created specifically to take advantage of this pattern of behavior in humans. When you're on TikTok, you'll get a never-ending stream of fresh videos, which will cause your brain to produce dopamine, which will leave you feeling satisfied and blissful. Every 15 to 60 seconds, depending on the situation. On TikTik, the video supply chain never comes to an end. The videos are brief, which allows you to maintain your very limited attention span. As a result, you continue to peer in. Your brain's joy drug continues to be released.

You see, you made the decision to quit viewing TikTok videos after five hours, which you didn't know had gone so swiftly at the time. Due to the fact that your dopamine levels have been depleted, you experience feelings of worry and despair, which are caused by your brain's need for more dopamine due to its addiction, which leads you to reactivate the app.

In order to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by having too many possibilities, the algorithm tailors your tailored page to your unique interests. Everything that is TikTok put in front of you , you like it ! , now TikTok serves as a dopamine factory, so you won't feel overwhelmed by having too many options. It does, without a doubt, make your brain feel fantastic. It is true for the majority of medicines that stimulate dopamine every 15 seconds.

But after hours of being robbed of a very crucial chemical by all the social networking applications , your brain is overstimulated and completely depleted of it when you finally turn off the computer, TikTok, the timer goes off.

When it comes to battling this beast which is Social Media especially TikTok , all I ask is that you grasp the nature of what you're up against, because when you're in the ring with it, you aren't fighting against a physical predator. You're up against an adversary that doesn't even need to make physical contact with you in order to cause catastrophic injury or damage to you.

TikToK is taking advantage of your inexperience. However, if you understand how it works and adapt your behavior properly, it will not be able to do so.

The beast will not fight you if you learn how to manage it and how to regulate your own use of social media . Don't use up all of your brain's valuable dopamine reserves on a single application. It's imperative that you do better.

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