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Threading the Needle Through the Eye of Transcendence

by Storied Tori 2 months ago in trauma

My Path to Higher States

Brown Mountain, Arizona

It is a feeling of weightlessness, of an absence of time, of space. Synchronously this vast nothingness that exists everywhere is filled with the deepest understanding of wholeness, of complete fullness, of truth that lies in the stillness surrounding me. The pursuit of higher states of consciousness is what inspires me, and the practice of transcendence is what keeps me grounded, de-stressed and in a state of peace.

Not just a state of meditation, the consciousness I pursue is a state of Being. A restful alertness that exists inside of each of us, available if we learn how to access it. It is through the teachings of experts like Dr. Tony Nader and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that I have learned the art of transcendence. It is from here that I can come into a state of natural inspiration and it is from here that any knowledge is available to me if I were to only ask.

This state of Being, of empty wholeness is where we begin to hear the Laws of Nature. It is from this vantage point that our bodies begin to naturally align with all the energy in the universe and we begin the process of becoming the persons we are meant to truly be. It is not a God we seek, but knowledge, wholeness, the same that exists in everything, everywhere.

When I found Transcendental Meditation and the theories of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I found where I belonged, I found my peace and a deep state of rest that not only changed the efficiency of my brain functioning but brought me strength in the face of adversity, intelligence in moments of distress and an emotional fluency that has allowed me to begin stepping in. It is here where I become both grounded and weightless, where I sit in an endless state of nothing, where everything is available if only I were to allude to the possibilities in moments of inspiration and daydream. It is from this state of consciousness that all things are indeed probable with the alignment with the Laws of Nature. This vantage point from which my creativity flourishes is the precipice on which I stand, gazing at the possibilities of my future.

The pursuit of such states of consciousness don’t come without sacrifices, without loss and lessons. It is here where I have floundered, at times unwilling to engage with what is known in the occult world as “shadow work”. Shadow work for the uninitiated, if there are any, is our unhealed trauma, it is the unrecognized memories of hurt, pain and betrayal that follow us through life, buried in our nervous system. This trauma is what prevents us from living authentically. When Transcendental Meditation became part of not only my daily routine but also my formal education, trauma was released from my nervous system leading to both devastation and renewal. What followed was a profound understanding of not only what gave me strength but also of what stood in my way of joy and success. I finally learned through a daily practice of clarity that the memories released themselves, leaving only peace where before there was torment. Leaving space for new, joy filled memories.

This journey has brought new and different opportunities into my life that previously I would not have had the bandwidth to absorb and appreciate. New communities, new activities, new friends, and opportunities for endless personal growth. It is from here that I learn how to be resilient, compassionate, empathetic and to listen. It is when I reside in a higher state of consciousness that I can really hear the struggle and joys of my fellow man. It is from here that I can truly learn how to be as asset.

To be able to exist in a space that when there is an emotional experience, I can continue outside of it, not letting it penetrate who I am as an individual, is priceless. I can perceive its origin and let it drift away. I pursue higher states of consciousness because of this skill set that I have grown, specifically. Being able to step outside of my emotional self lets me see things for how they really are and not how I was raised to perceive them. This is the gift of giving, from where selfless kindness truly exists.

It is from this level of consciousness that I hope one day to permanently reside. Where I can be an asset to my community, my family and myself. It is from here that I truly love myself and I believe by loving myself, I am able to truly love others, which I think is something we all need a little more of.


Storied Tori

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Storied Tori
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