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There is a kind of emotion called friend

One bosom friend is enough for a person's life

By danielhuangPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

This is an immutable philosophy, after a few months of wandering, finally can not stand the loneliness without the encouragement of relatives. I got off the train and went straight to my best friend, with no courtesy or discussion, as if I had been my own bully. Every day of fun and play to soothe the inner restlessness and impatience, which is in addition to the family of another kind of touching.

Therefore, there is a kind of emotion, it is between feelings and friendship feelings, even after it is not blood, but years of accumulated affection, we call it friends. This kind of friend, not every day with you inseparable, but you will occasionally miss him silently, think of him, the heart is warm, there is a perfect, there is a moved. When you are sad and worried, you will think of him, you are looking forward to him in your side, give you comfort, give you understanding, but you never talk to him, you are afraid that belong to their own sadness will hinder his peaceful life.

You will because of a song, a color, think of him, think of his sincere, think of his persistence, think of him before together experienced ups and downs. Because with such a friend, you will cherish your life more and love your life, because you know that he expects you to live a good life, he expects you to take good care of yourself, and when we meet again, he expects you to tell him that you are very happy.

Those secular ideas, in your heart, because of his existence and become pale, you just in the bottom of my heart for this person set up a small space, quietly stick to the perfect memories, from the beginning you understand that there will be no feelings between you, it seems to talk about feelings on the blasphemy of this emotion, this can only be a kind of friendship. What is this all about? You've been thinking about it for years, but you can't figure it out.

You rarely contact, in this long life, your door together in time perhaps only ten thousand one, but in each other's hearts are kept a miss, a charge, even if he went to the ends of the earth, even after many years, even if meet again, already is not a person is not a thing, you will still remember such a person, this is enough.

Life sometimes calm will be like a dry well, maybe you will fall into this dry well, maybe you don't have any feelings, Hua Fa early, full temples pale, but with such a friend, in your life there will be a little ripples, a little color.

This is a kind of friendship that money can not buy, but also a kind of material will not change the family. It goes beyond the simple and straightforward of ordinary friends, and it is not as unpredictable as feelings. It is a kind of kinship without blood but deep like blood.

A bosom friend is enough for a person's life. If you used to enjoy such a true feeling and have such a friend, then there will be a rainbow of seven colors in the sky of your life at any time.


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