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The unwaking state

A brief venture into the nature of things

By Not NemoPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Were we so naive as to think we were the top of the food chain, the everlasting almighty Human race, creatures of unending legacy and omnipresent attributes? We who lived through time linearly with the exception of dreams and cognition, unable to change decisions once they were made, looking down upon other species for their childlike stupidity… were we wrong all along? Was there something beyond us, an ascended form of being able to leaf through the pages of time backwards and forwards as it pleased? We as humans were confronted with unanswerable questions. Was there something out there able to provide the answers we do dearly desired? Questions such as the origins of consciousness, explanations for extreme coincidence- these poses us great struggle and pain, for these were the questions which required us to face the limits of our comprehension, a humbling phenomenon.

A book to us in its simplest form is a three dimensional object. However, some may find in a book multiple additional dimensions. The plot of a story in and of itself exemplifies the passing of time, as well as depth of character development and emotion. The reader of a book is able to distinguish between elements while cross referencing pages to pages. On the outside of a book, one is able to write words on the edges of the pages, passing a message to those who are able to see the book from the outside without being tied to the linearity of the inside of the book.

What if in the same way, our human lives were nothing but a confined dimension, able to be seen from the outside by something larger, something with a keen eye for detail and perhaps having a particular say in what should and shouldn’t happen in our lives?

The yelling I used to hear, these yeses and nos, seemingly hallucinatory exclamations from the very start felt like instructions or suggestions. It took me years to dismantle this concept and accept that my brain may have been interjecting when there was dissonance between my decision making and subconscious mind.

What if to some extent these words and phrases were part of a greater plan, an overarching eye that knows the path of certain thoughts and decisions, and tried with all its might to somehow alter and encourage the chain of events? This would not be mutually exclusive with the potential truth of the words being generated by my own brain. Perhaps the brain and consciousness can possess an overarching sense of path and patterns, and to spare us the pain of having to deal with this in our conscious waking state, the suggestions come in the form of hallucination, referential thinking and of course, dreams.

Whether it is an otherworldly force taking on this task of path changing, or if it be the workings of our own brains, there is nonetheless a peculiar phenomenon at play in everyday life, one that is often overlooked by the average thinker, myself included. Once in a while, I find myself wondering and posing conjectures in regards to the true nature of things. Most of the time, though, I let the nature run its course. I have learned to trust the natural path without judgment, shame, or pain. It is truly a wonderful thing to get these words written down, to clarify what it is that I question about the world, and to wonder what life may be like on the other side.


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