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The Thorne Twins

Submitted To The Unspoken Challenge Loosely Using The Criteria As A Prompt

By Marc OBrienPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

Last century when things were different, yet the same two sisters graced high school hallways unnoticed, they were honest and sociable supporting events while conversing pleasantly with their peers. Attending University, they dined while developing similar study habits. Upon receiving higher education academic tassels, their parents cheered and never once did fellow classmates drop any emotional guards.

After spending a year completing a family business request, they met at a café to blow off some late Friday afternoon steam. By Sunday evening plane tickets were booked for the west coast and not much later a ‘Hollywood Legend” was born, “The Thorne Twins”, promoted on the cinema marquee as, “Starring-The Gothic Ladies”.

Earlier in the day, news started out as a rumor, confirmed very quickly ‘Natalie and Nadine Thorne passed away both at sunrise, not even a minute apart’ the agent handler press release said. Now under the blue spotlight their unclothed bodies featured a different image than the glossy stimulating magazine covers, enjoyed by those looking for a healthy pick me up.

Gordy, wearing a white coat stepped into the morgue, checking the list documenting body parts to be donated, “eyes, heart, brain,” and for five more pages not an organ left out.

Since a disturbance plagued the quiet, Natalie left her body, grabbing the white sheet, draping it across her private areas, “geez they stitched my mouth closed,” she observed seeing the good-looking gentlemen review information, “I wonder what he wants,” she thought watching the worker open a desk draw, reaching for more linens.

Walking over to the body, lying on the slab he covered the corpse, “these kids need to learn how to respect.” Seeing the new bed sheet Natalie made sure the one she took still fit tightly before returning to the box.

Pushing the rolling table back into storage, the technician opened the neighboring residency, “Nadine Thorne,” he read, and the spirit suddenly found herself disturbed.

“That’s me,” Her voice exclaimed showing everything outside her life less cadaver, “where do you want me to stand?”

Not hearing the question Gordy continued inspecting the remains, upset that he would not see the luring eyes to the beautiful talent ever again on entertainment programs, “I guess, I am just going have to go back to twenty-four-hour streaming late-night chat shows,”

Natalie laughed, “that was funny, but where do you want me to stand?”

Closing the vault, keeping the contents chilled, Gordy headed out into the hallway, screaming, “does anybody know? Who signed off on ‘The Thorne Twins body parts to be donated?”

This loud outburst scared Natalie and Nadine’s soul, commanding them to leave their eternal sleep and find out why a vulture rummage sale was planned behind their back. “What do you mean the Thorney fan club signed legal papers to remove and distribute ‘The Thorne Twins’ body parts,” Gordy could be heard communicating into a small handheld computer, “I do not care if at auction Nadine’s eyes will pay the charity’s executive’s salary!”

Nadine searched around her face, when Natalie bumped, knocking her departed companion a few feet, “I was told to stand there and look pretty,” the model actress expressed an innocent fib.

Suddenly, a white light beamed down into the dark room spotlighting the two, “Sisters,” a bellowing voice called, “first you Natalie, why didn’t you get married? Did I not supply you with enough men?”

Sending a quizzical response Natalie, replied, “not really,”

“I saw many shirtless guys on the beach defending your honor,” the voice stated.

“Actually, what you saw was filming of a movie,” Natalie clarified, “then the guys went home to their wives, and I did not commit adultery.”

Turning the illumination onto Nadine she straightened her spine welcoming the inquiry, ‘I was never told to stand in that spot instead I was told to stand over there since Ross and Rachel were on a break.”

“Basically, what you two are telling me is you never got married but you also never committed adultery.”

A silent moment took place, and they shook their heads affirmatively. “Then I can clear a path for you both, come up here and hopefully find a pleasurable experience.” Recreating their first elementary school walk Natalie and Nadine clasped hands, ready for the next challenge.

When the brightness turned dark Gordy stormed into the room, cell phone in hand, “that is right, no body parts are leaving the Thorne Twins, they are taking all their God giving gifts to heaven, no ifs ands or butts, now get them out of here and down to the parlor where they will be dolled up ready for their final appearance.”

Once the conversation ended Gordy went to the window, opening the blinds, seeing a beautiful day. Off in the distance, a voice wanted to confirm, “are you sure one of you did not exchange romantic vows?”


About the Creator

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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