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The Importance of Feelings, Their Place in Our Experience

Are they more than they appear to me? Maybe!

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
The Importance of Feelings, Their Place in Our Experience
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Quick Fact

-Feelings have an important place in our existence, and if we listen to them we’ll be shown exactly what they are!


I understand that we're evolving into a world where feelings are becoming greatly valued by many people, especially in America. This is interesting since we have a long and brutal history of war and famine, why would we evolve from that into conscious human beings? Perhaps more interestingly, how?

While these questions interest me I suspect the answers will not come freely. I will content myself with writing a post about feelings and their place in our experience. I'll write about what they are, what they can be used for, and perhaps I'll touch on the danger of valuing them too much and too lightly. Here we go!

What Are Feelings?

What are they, exactly? This is a question I greatly encourage you to ponder - are they sensations? If so, what are sensations? Are they light? Are they heavy?

It seems to me as if feelings are simply feelings, although this can be construed as a cop-out answer; they can be thought of as guides towards and away from something or experiences that, when totaled up, comprise the ride we call "life."

If you believe a feeling to be a guide you're probably interested in the concept of intuition, and if you consider a feeling as an experience you'll probably take them for granted in place of other things, such as usefulness and logic. Both perspectives can tilt too far in one direction, but I'll elaborate more on that below.

In most cases, feelings are what you believe they are, and in most cases, you can control them to your choosing. In one particular case, however, looking at your feelings from an objective standpoint and not believing anything about them at all seems to bring the best and most accurate description of what they really are - at least, that's how it works for me!

What Feelings Can Point To

Feelings are often (if not always) the result and not the cause. If you decide to walk to the kitchen the decision comes first, then the feeling of your foot as it hits the floor.

This observation is extremely useful when seen in the context of negative emotion created as a result of detrimental beliefs. When going through the individuation process it's important to pay attention to your feelings but it's also important to pay attention to the underlying belief (or, most likely, beliefs) that are creating the emotion. Choosing to stop believing these beliefs and even choosing to replace them with new ones is the second part of the meditative process that isn't spoken of very often.

Feelings can point to physical ailments as well; I've made the mistake of believing a feeling to be caused by a negative belief structure when it was simply stress and tension. Cannabis helps with confusion like this as it can clear your mind and help you pinpoint exactly what the problem is, especially with intent ("I choose to smoke so that I may find the root(s) of my problem(s)").

Using Your Feelings As Guides (Intuition)

It seems that if you consider feelings to be guides instead of simply experiences to be experienced you'll experience a greater realization of yourself, also called "enlightenment." Intuition is the word that describes this process and I've written about it in more detail here.

Intuition, for me, is me telling myself what I ought to know at the moment. For me it's a spontaneous message that appears as a thought, feeling, or both about something I learned in the past but that slipped into my subconscious. I'm not sure if this is a perfectly objective explanation of intuition but it may be.

I've made a habit of not taking my feelings for granted and focusing on them instead. If I feel a "low" or "heavy" feeling I'll pay attention to it and see what it has to show me, otherwise I'm ignoring them, and in the past, that's brought me much suffering, definitely something I don't wish to repeat. I encourage you to do the same as well, however, I also encourage you to read the next section since it's more applicable today than ever before.

The Potential To Be Possessed by Your Feelings and How To Overcome Them

There is a possibility that you and I can tilt too far in the direction of the feminine and value our feelings far, far too much. I call this being possessed by your feelings and this is usually dangerous and detrimental since logic has a high-vibrational place in our existence.

In fact, I just dealt with this a moment ago - I woke up from a dream where my friends and I were at a party. We were flirting and having a good time, but the meaningful part was at the end - I was in a house searching for a woman. I looked everywhere until finally, I found her! I separated from my body, she and I kissed, and we closed the bedroom door.

Except, what? I separated from myself right before the good part? What was that all about?

After I did some self-questioning I remembered that I created an "anti-sexual vibrational monster" when I was younger because of my… Less than ideal childhood. I realized that I had not only been carrying it around but that I was really possessed by it, and that the feeling separated me from my body right when I found and kissed her. I chose to disidentify with it and, in this scenario, I imagined myself destroying it - I feel much happier now!

So how do you overcome possession by dangus feelings? Sometimes you'll have an undesirable dream that's a dead giveaway, but sometimes you'll be possessed by a feeling and you won't even know it! I recommend doing something like this:

-Sit down in a quiet room with no distractions and ask yourself, "Am I being possessed by any of my feelings?"

-Answer yourself honestly. I encourage you to write it/them down.

-Now that you're aware of the possession you aren't possessed anymore, so I recommend that you "disidentify" from it. This means you're choosing to take a step back and see the feeling for what it really is instead of letting it be in control of your actions. Then you can decide whether or not you want to control it or discard it for something better.

Also, you can meditate on the daily, consciously decide to open your 3rd eye regularly, choose to participate in self-healing and self-analysis… I encourage you to do all of these when you feel you want to :).

Striking Balance Between The Masculine (Logic) and The Feminine (Feeling)

As of today, it's an unpopular opinion with many that logic and masculinity should have a place in our life. If there's one thing I've learned it's that logic is the way to solve irrational problems and irrationality is the way to solve problems created by logic. Since this is the case we can use logical thinking to sort out our feelings and irrationality to fulfill us when we've finished using our logical brain for the day.

How do we strike such a balance? By consistently making the choice to do so every single day! Follow your intuition but also follow the logical path that's lined up for you - if you're missing one or both pieces of the puzzle your life will most definitely go unfulfilled, and it will be far less enjoyable.


Thank you for reading my post! I recommend meditating before reading the next article :)


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Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

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