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The Hidden Pandemic

by Emilia black about a year ago in depression
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Everyone is focusing on the fact there is a deadly virus killing millions by the second, spreading like wild fire and ruining everyone's lives. However, there is something that is taking peoples lives under our noses without anyone properly taking notice. Many of the young people are struggling.Stuggling to live. Struggling with school work, but some are slowly falling into black holes that they don't know how to get out of by themselves.

Some people's lives have changed so much and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, nothing to look forward to. No end in sight, no hope and completely isolated from everyone around us. Sometimes I wonder is it better off to give up, why keep trying if it isn't going to get better. I myself and a lot of my mates our struggling, I'm supposed to be having the best years of my life yet they are turning out to be the worst. Yet, the government takes little notice of the students slowly going down holes that they can't get out of alone. My family doesn't believe in mental health which means I have no choice but to go it alone, I have no choice but to remain positive and to find some glimpse of up within my darkest dispear.

If this Global pandemic has taught me anything, it's taught me how to live. It has taught me that even in the darkest hour if you have hope, you have a reason to keep on going. It's taught me not to take life for granted as just like a click of a finger it can be taken from right under your feet within a millisecond of you knowing it's gone. You don't know what you will miss until you no longer have it within the grasp of your hand. Do not take your best friends for granted because they will stick by you no matter what even if it's just over the phone, you still know they are there

You see, the hardest thing that the pandemic has taken away from us is the close contact with our closest friends. Some of us may rely on friends as our only life line and with that stripped away from us, it makes life ten times harder than what it should be for our age group.

Then there's the fact many people within our generation are struggling with both depression and anxiety. However, it isn't always noticeable when we are struggling, we hide it to the best of our ability because the one thing worse than struggling is to admit you are not okay. As ince you admit you are not okay thee is no going back. In fact, it is one of the hardest things to get the courage to do.

You see, from experience when people tell me to stop being lazy it's not me being lazy, it's me struggling to even stay out of bed that to the point were the most simplistic of tasks can become a chore, can become near impossible to complete. See to have both anxiety and depression at the one time is confusing. It is being afraid to be sociable but not wanting to be alone. It is being so exhausted to get out of bed but managing to get no sleep at all no matter how hard u try to shut your brain off. It's the fear of failure but no motivation to actually do something about because you don't see the point of your just going to fail no matter how hard you try. You see Anxiety and depression isn't fun and games and amongst a pandemic is even harder to control.

You see, today's young people were already struggling, finding it hard to keep up with the work load set upon us every single day. With a pandemic in amongst the mix it's a whole different ball game. You see secondary school kids have to deal with the constant pressure of still preparing for exams that probably won't happen. University students have to deal with constant expectations of achieving the same grades as they would have without a pandemic and also the financial strains that our put upon us.

So you adults can say we don't have anything to worry about, you can say that you have far more to contend with, but, this I haven't mentioned everything that we are struggling with. This generation has been slowly drowning for years yet no one is taking notice of our struggles

I can remember my first experience of a panic attack and how scary it was. Do you want to know what age I was, I was 14 years old, I shouldn't have to experience that at such a young age. In fact, no one should.

I am not writting this for pitty because I don't want pitty. I want to show other students that they are not alone, that this generation has been stuggling for years. I am trying to get the older generations to notice the mental health pandemic that is sweeping our nation as I am writting this right now. The statistics are rising, yet, there is still some adults that don't believe mental health illnesses exist.

Tell me this if someone broke there leg in an accident would you tell them that it isn't broken, that there pain is invalid and doesn't exist or would you send them a get well soon card and some flowers. I know which one it would be. Just because you cannot see a persons pain does not mean it isn't real and as a society we need to realise this. People are slowly dying and many don't notice, it is hard to get to a point where the simple act of living becomes to difficult, but, it is even harder to try and pick yourself up and mend the broken pieces alone.

You see, that is why best friends are so important, they are the family u don't choose. Having close connections with family are important don't get me wrong but u do not tell them what goes on in your head the majority of the time. You tell your friends because if u find the right ones they will always be there for u no matter what time of night it is because nine times out of ten they are also awake at 4am unable to sleep and you can help each other through it together, because what are friends for, right?


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