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The Cool Kid Chronicles

by The Kidd about a year ago in coping
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Vol. 1: Origins

The Cool Kid Chronicles
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It was just another day, after school, alone. The Kidd, before he had adopted the name. His life up to this point had been consumed by school due dates and constant appeasement to his strict family. Loving, but strict (at least half of it was). The false loving embrace of drugs had claimed his father when he was just a baby, and his mother had immediately fallen for a man with two kids of his own. The path leading up to the present had been rough and rocky, filled with blood, snot, tears and the like, but that didn’t matter because it hadn’t changed the Kidd. He had always been the weird, sad, fucked up black sheep in contrast to his step brothers ( one older, one the same age). His emotions had hardened to stone, and in contrast to his younger self, he never cried. Never really showed much emotion at all, it had all been sucked out of him by the negative void that was his house.

At this point, school was the only thing going for him. The seventh grade and it’s work was relentless, so it was the perfect coping mechanism for him. From the moment he got home to the minute he fell asleep, he was either finishing up the days homework or burying his face in a book. He occasionally looked outside and saw his two step brothers playing with the kids from the neighborhood but he never joined them. He never felt accepted or wanted, and rightfully so, since those things were drilled into his head every day by the step dad that his mother had felt so strongly about. The crippling, throat crushing anxiety he was plagued with probably didn’t help either, so he just remained isolated. However, the step dad always had his panties in a bunch and never knew what he wanted, and one fateful day he made the Kidd go outside.

“You’re still doing homework? What a fucking loser, man! You’ll never get girls or friends if you’re always in here. Are you gay? Nobody likes queers that stay inside all the time. Fucking go outside with your brothers man,” and leaving the room, grumbled, “fucking weirdo.”

Not saying a word, he decided to go outside, as he preferred to not be thrown down the hallway again. He found his two step brothers outside with a hillbilly looking Native American kid up the street. Little did he know, that hillbilly looking kid would go on to become one of the Kidd’s best friends in the world.

Introductions aside, the Kidd was skeptical about hanging out with them, brothers or not. Social skills didn’t come easily to him, so making friends was a hassle if there ever was one. Long story short, the Native brought home bikes and skateboards for them to ride, and the rest is history. The step brother (who will remain without a name for the time being) who was the same age as the Kidd broke off from the group to make his own friends and hang out with kids in the trailer park through the woods, and good riddance! This was one of the people in his house who made the Kidd’s life a living hell, so not having to spend time with him outside the house was a blessing. Eventually, the Kidd felt something that was completely new to him. He actually enjoyed being outside with the older brother and their new friend, and he no longer confined himself to his room for hours of homework. He said, “fuck that,” and started to go out of his comfort zone and explore the surrounding area with his two new companions.

What happens next? What kind of shit did the newfound trio inevitably get into? Find out next time in the Cool Kid Chronicles, Volume 2!


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