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The Best Approaches for Eliminating Depression

All the said factors combine to give you the peace of mind that you need to kick depression.

By Flora MayerPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Depression is among the deadliest mental conditions anyone can have. However, being depressed is, to some extent, normal in life because of the many challenges we encounter every day. If you are depressed right now, therefore, don’t panic or lose hope, because like millions of people before you, you are guaranteed of finding help for as long as you seek it. There are a host of medical as well as natural remedies to your problem. Here are a few of them.

1. Buying or renting a vacation home

Buying a home on the beach or in the mountains—or even renting—is an unbeatable way of eliminating stress and kicking depression. Waking up to the warm air of the beach or the crisp air of the mountains is wonderful and therapeutic. The nights are always quiet in these parts of the country, so you are always guaranteed a comfortable, deep, and soothing sleep. Remember that getting at least eight hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep every night is medically proven to improve a person's mental health.

Living in the mountains or the beach is also fun in that you will have endless exciting outdoor activities to try. From swimming, skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, you will never know sorrow while here. And because such places are breathtakingly beautiful, your mind will be able to settle and live in the present. Your senses will come to life when you interact with nature, drowning any life fears that could disturb your peace and make you depressed.

2. Lower your sugar consumption rate

Sugar is known to cause depression in people of all ages and genders. Besides, staying away from sugar means reduced chances of diabetes and other chronic illnesses that can depress you. Experts believe that cutting down on sugar consumption and then adopting a healthy lifestyle cuts down your chances of depression by more than half.

3. Avoid idleness

For whatever it’s worth, always make yourself as busy as possible both at home and at your workplace. The more responsibilities you have, the more accomplishments you will have at the end of the day. This might sound counterproductive, but you are better at worrying about finishing an assignment than worrying about the misfortune that hit your life in the past.

If you are retired and have no meaningful work to do at home, you can always volunteer in the church or in any social event. That will help you make friends who are probably your age or who share the same life fears as you, so you will help each other to ease the burden of depression.

4. Work on your home’s landscape

Your chances of getting depressed reduce significantly when you improve your landscape. Planting and taking care of beautiful flowers helps you to appreciate the beauty of nature and renews your purpose in life every day. Working in your kitchen garden gives you hope that you will have food tomorrow, eliminating any anxiety that could build as a result of the fear of starvation. Also, your homegrown foods and fruits are always nutrient-dense and fresh, just what you need to heal your brain.

Investing in a modern landscape lighting system makes your home feel safe and lively at night, allowing you to sleep well. Plus, proper lighting makes you the envy of your neighbors, and that gives you the much-needed confidence to face each day and any person who comes your way. If you combine that with a well-maintained lawn, your home’s resale value also increases, so you don’t keep worrying of incurring huge losses were you to sell it.

All the said factors combine to give you the peace of mind that you need to kick depression.

5. Believe in your treatment

Sometimes depression treatments will take too long to bear any significant fruits, making the patients doubt their medication and/or therapy. Don’t lose faith in the process for anything. Take your antidepressants on time, and if you can’t see any positive changes after two months or so, ask your doctor to change your medicine; don’t quit.

If you are forgetting to take your medicine, then get a pillbox so that every time you look at it, you know whether you missed any doses. You can also develop a routine whereby you take your antidepressants alongside other important daily activities such as brushing your teeth.


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