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Teens and Mental health

by Naomi Pledgure 7 months ago in depression

Written by a Teen

Teens and Mental health
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For a lot of teens in this generation Mental Health is something we have to deal with. Whether it's anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other things affected by the brain. Now I won't blame this completely on the older generation but I will say that they played a hand in this. Considering that the older generations are our parents and grandparents, the people who raised us and the environment we were put into greatly affects our mental health. Older generations a lot of times call us sensitive but that isn't the case. Our generation is a lot more sympathetic to the things going on in this world

It's especially hard for some of us when we are made fun of for caring about other peoples well being. It's embarrassing but also angering. If people can make fun of us for caring about the people going through trauma, are those same people the ones causing trauma?

Our generation has a distrust of human nature and the way others brains work. A lot of adults think our mental health is bad because of the electronics and being on our phones but that isn't the case. The problem is we are educating and ending for ourselves. We keep up with politics at young ages because our lives literally depend on it. We watch the protest and wonder why no one is doing anything to help. We watch these call to justice as people are sexually assaulted. We watch how the poc and lgbtq+ community are beaten and attacked without justice for something that they can't control.

And yet the older generation still insist on calling us sensitive.

We aren't sensitive but we can see what's going with the world. We aren't sensitive but we can see who are world leaders are and understand that we need help. We aren't sensitive but we know that there are rich and powerful people out there who get away with just about everything because they have money.

Do you think we don't know about Jeffery Epstein and the list of people that were reported on a log at Epstein's Island? Yes we know these things. We don't want to sit and wait around for a change to happen anymore. We want to help make it happen ourselves. And that brings me back to our Mental health.

Do you understand now why we have so many problems. We put the pressure on ourselves for a change. And no matter how enthusiastic and idiotic we seem about the way we do things, it does affect us. It hurts us. We're scared for our lives at school when we get school shootings. We're scared for our lives on the streets because there is never a safe place to go. And we're scared even in our homes wondering i someone is going to take us away from everything we know.

The older generations have been selfish. Taking what they want and only caring about what they get in return. Perhaps that's what got Trump into presidency. But at some point we have to make a change. We're tired of wanting to die. There are so many of us killing ourselves because we feel as though there is nothing left for us. As though there isn't anyone who can save us and so instead of waiting to find that one person who may change our lives we give up. We're tired of being scared. Of looking around every corner wondering if we're safe. And we're tired of being treated like idiots because we're young. Age doesn't equate to how smart we are and how much we know.

Our mental health is bad yes. But at least we're doing something to fix it. Can you say the same?

Naomi Pledgure
Naomi Pledgure
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Naomi Pledgure

Hello. I'm new to writing and I don't usually plan ahead which makes my stories instantaneous. My writing is an extension of me. I like to write lgbtq+ stories that people actually relate to. Everyone please stay safe. Love you guys.

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