Depression leading to suicides


You never know what is actually going on behind that beautiful face you see every day, you never know how heavy that heart feels to act normal in order to fake feelings, and you never know how hard that soul cries to sleep every night. All you know is how happy and peaceful they look outside.

When a person loses everything, all he is left with is the emptiness in his heart. Having no one to share his feelings with, when there’s lot going on in his life, can be very depressing. Imagine Waking up to news of Losing your close one, isn’t it the worst nightmare one can have? You have been in touch with them almost every day but you had no clue how shattered that person was from inside for a very long period.

The World is definitely judgmental, filled with people who criticize and comment on almost everything. That is just a matter of few minutes to them, later they move on to some other topic. But those words can affect the other person in a way deeper than one can ever imagine.

That heavy feeling you get when you hear the news of a person committing suicide, imagine how deep that heaviness would be when that person was one from your circle and would still be alive today if you had supported them when they needed it the most.! That feeling will never let you sleep peacefully. You could have saved a person from giving up on himself, but you were too busy in your life that you hardly cared about your friend.

Please keep checking on your loved ones every now and then. Instead of judging people try to understand that their feelings and pain are real. Try to support that person you know who’s going through a tough time. Don’t let people give up on their lives

Don’t let the darkness overtake the sparkle within yourself.-- Meghana Cheekati

Mental peace is really important, when there is something running on your mind which is bothering you for a long time, please do reach out others and seek help. Sharing your feelings makes you feel relieved.

Let’s talk about some facts as per world health organization:

1. Depression is the primary reason why someone dies of suicide.

2. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among 15-29 years of old

3. Over 8,00,000 people die by suicide every year – 1 death every 40

Suicides are preventable. There are many ways by which one can avoid suicidal tendencies and overcome depression.

Meditation and yoga are well known methods to overcome depression. It is psychologically proven that meditation helps people to focus on good version of the life. Some other methods are by maintaining a proper diet enriched with phytoestrogens, magnesium and vitamin E, getting proper sleep etc.

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