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Subconscious Beliefs/Feelings Controlling Everything

Have you ever felt bad and you didn't know why? If so, then keep reading! :)

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

Quick Facts

-Many people have beliefs and emotions in their subconscious that run the show.

-Realizing which beliefs and emotions are the most problematic puts them in our conscious minds. Then we can write them down, let them play mentally play themselves out, disidentify from them, have complete control, transform them into other beliefs and feelings, and completely enjoy them for what they are!


Sometimes we do things and we don't know why. We believe things and we don't know why. We have certain opinions, but we don't know why we have these opinions.

Welcome to the subconscious, the part of your mind that is unseen and very, very powerful! If we bring suffering upon ourselves and we don't consciously understand why we are probably acting out some beliefs that we hold in the part of our mind we cannot see... I'll explain what's going on in this post!

The Conscious and The Subconscious

Jung was the one who expanded on this the most, that is, that there's a conscious and a subconscious part of our minds. He considered it a psychic fact that it exists, and after observing it myself, I have to agree.

The conscious mind is what we use and see every day. It's the first thing we see when we meditate, it's the part that we use in everyday life, it's what we pay attention to. The subconscious mind is the part that's unobserved, hidden, and often extremely powerful.

We can access some of the subconscious, however, it's so vast, deep, and meaningful that even a full breakthrough DMT trip doesn't show us all of it, and that's the most powerful psychedelic of them all! Yes, it shows us most of it and it's worth doing with the correct set and setting, just to throw it out there :p

Often what happens is we don't make any effort to pay attention to the beliefs we hold in our subconscious, and since we don't these beliefs tend to run our lives!

The Subconscious Is Extremely Powerful

We're talking infinite magnitudes of metaphysical power! The difference between holding a belief consciously and subconsciously is like night and day. Not to say that conscious beliefs aren't powerful, but subconscious beliefs are usually much, much more powerful than conscious beliefs.

Let's create a hypothetical example - let's say Dylan consciously believes that he works hard but needs to work harder. However, Dylan also subconsciously picked up a belief when he was a child that goes something like, "it's okay if you don't work hard because everything's going to be handed to you anyway." This is a conflict of belief and it isn't uncommon to observe these conflicts in regular people.

Dylan tries to work harder than he usually does but, for some reason, he keeps sabotaging himself over and over again. He doesn't know why he's doing this and it makes him frustrated, and this frustration leads to the creation of another subconscious belief, "I'm just not capable of working any harder than I am now… That's bad and it makes me sad."

You can see where this can become a vicious cycle; if the subconscious didn't override the conscious so often there wouldn't be very many problems, however, I'm almost 100% certain that the subconscious mind takes precedence over the conscious mind in everyone alive today, and that that's an objective fact that can be observed through meditation and watching the actions of yourself and others.

But of course, hope is not lost - after all, the beliefs are still beliefs that are making their way into your conscious life, and this means that the beliefs wish to become conscious and that you're able to become fully conscious of them. I'm paraphrasing Jordan Peterson when I say, "there may be 100 dragons but you only have to deal with the 1 that's in your way," meaning that when a subconscious detrimental belief is controlling you or producing undesired results in your life it's the one subconscious entity you'll benefit from dealing with the most!

Some Solid Solutions

Okay, so Dylan realizes that he has some detrimental subconscious beliefs going on - what can he do to realize and change himself?

The first solution has to do with paying attention to how he thinks, how he feels, and how he acts. He pays close attention to how he normally feels, and he pays close attention to how he feels right before he begins sabotaging himself. When it's about to happen he catches himself and stays still instead of doing whatever he was about to do. Then he asks the question, "why do I feel this way? What are the core beliefs that generate this feeling?" He answers himself honestly, asks any more questions that naturally follow… Eventually, he'll be conscious of the beliefs that were subconscious just a while ago, and then he can stop believing them/replace them/change them/modify them.

The second solution is to stay still and quiet for a certain amount of time and simply pay attention to what's happening in his mind. If he chooses to open his 3rd eye he can see what's going on and he'll observe his thoughts as they come and go, all without consciously doing anything. Being like this for a while will eventually be enough to completely overshadow and solve the issue(s), although it's often easier said than done since staying still can be quite difficult.

He can also integrate. He can start integrating himself without even intending to find/deal with the actual problem, come across it anyway, and become psychically whole, which brings about its own set of benefits.

He can create art that expresses the feeling(s) that are trying to be seen and heard. He doesn't necessarily need to be good at producing art to do this, simply the act of "putting pen to paper" will be quite enough.

He can use psychedelics to help himself out. He can let them lead him to the path that's best for him or he can use psychedelics to boost the effectiveness of any of the methods explained above!

Some things that definitely don't work are picking up new hobbies to avoid the issue, choosing to ignore it, or otherwise solving it incorrectly. If Dylan entertained himself when he could have been finding the core beliefs that caused his misery his situation would have probably become much worse!

Final Thoughts

I want to touch on the ones who find this area of life silly and/or completely unnecessary. Ironically enough, the resistance these kinds of people possess almost always keeps them from living a fulfilled life. A lot of the time they're even proud of their ignorance, and it can be dangerous to be around these kinds of people.

I feel as if they need some kind of subliminal messaging to get through to them, IE, speaking the sentence "I enjoy being conscious and I make an effort to be conscious" to them at a sound level of roughly 15 decibels - they can't consciously tell that the words are being spoken to them, but their subconscious mind picks up on it and takes it to heart. I wouldn't be surprised if musicians and advertising companies are already doing this without telling anybody… Why do I feel so good when I watch a commercial, better than I feel when I'm watching the video I clicked on? Hmm, maybe it's subliminal messaging!

Also, I'm not saying that going through this process is easy - just because it's of the mind doesn't mean it's a simple task to do. But, I am saying that it's worth digging up and disidentifying from your detrimental subconscious beliefs, I promise that the pain is only temporary and short-term :)


Thank you for reading! It's difficult for me to write about this because I want it to be as perfect as I can manage, and I'm positive that I've explained the process properly :)

I'll see you in the next article!


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Gabriel Mohr

Hey everyone, my name's Gabriel! I love writing short stories, spreading conscious knowledge, and positivity! Author of 3 books :)

Check out my website!

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