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Should we pursue a safe life or an interesting one?

by cersonsabrina about a month ago in humanity
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What is a Safe Life?

I do not know when the "safe life" became the target of public opinion. What does a "secure life" look like? Some people say that it is safe to go to college honestly, because Bill Gates dropped out of college and became a billionaire. Some people say, into the organs, into the state-owned enterprises is safe, because you see Wang Shi, Shi Yuzhu into the sea, become a billionaire; Some people say that getting married and giving birth to a mortgage is stable, because you see Gao Xiaosong no house also divorce, became a winner in life; The "safe life" has always been ridiculed as boring. However, do you really understand what a "secure life" is? Momo, a popular APP, has an AD that reads: "Don't talk to strangers, don't do new, continue to live normal, a bit timid, don't be curious, you play you would, far, far away from the risk, there are some things to think about good, don't need to change, stay in a familiar place, had better stay at home, listening to music, see the same people, repeat the same topic, idea don't live, dream to reality, don't try anything, Live like this "If there is no accident, the vast majority of people's life mode, have been" Momo "this AD words ridicule. At twenty, at thirty, at forty, I have no doubts, and at fifty I know the destiny of heaven. It's hard to go home with a lot of success. At the age of 20, the future is uncertain, the blood is boiling. Young swordsman with sword down the mountain, not after the sinister river's lake, dreaming of their day to become the man of the moment; The young knight rode out of the city, had not seen the bones of the forest of despair castle, fantasizing that he can be happy to slay the dragon and save the princess. Generally speaking, anything that is hot will get cooler as time goes on. Experienced a brutal workplace, emotional trauma, life distress. The blood, little by little, cooled down. We had hoped for a great future, grand cause, was bumpy inch by inch torn. Many people, even the original look down on the stability, can not be found. A stable life! Yeah, why didn't we choose the safe life in the first place? Just like a pile of phosphorus, a word on spontaneous combustion, still burn so 2B, can't do "different fireworks". 02 We all want to make "different fireworks", so we attack the safe life. The most powerful argument against a stable lifestyle is that it should be "fun". Wang Xiaobo said, a lifetime is long, to be with interesting people. Zhou Guoping said, "Fun is the aphrodisiac of a lifetime" opened the circle of friends, there are more chicken soup for the soul: "Fun, is high EQ; fun is more important than all excellence..." It's as if anything you say, write, or do that isn't "interesting" is a crime. A boring wife? Cheating! No fun friends? Stay away from! No fun boyfriend? Looking for the spare tire. No fun husband? Divorce! ..................... Quite a few people are paranoid about "fun" to an extreme degree. When you're wondering about them, they're not being honest? "Ah! A long life without interesting people. What's the difference between that and a salted fish?" 03 No one has ever been able to define what "fun" means. But "fun" is real. Mi Meng said that the interesting people are Xiao S, CAI Kangyong, Jia Ling, Xue Zhiqian, Da Zhang Wei, Gao Xiaosong, Ma Dong... However, after seeing so many "interesting" people, look at the people around you. Your husband, for frivolous things may be a haggle over every ounce, mediocre work, salary is not high not low, not make it through the seven year itch, home to eat a meal, then lay on the sofa watching sports, sex half do you sleep on the bed, regardless of their children to study and work, six years suddenly to meet him at the school every day, just for the sake of liao child reality version of the beautiful new term our class teacher wang hammer. Your wife -- maybe it's the one who gossips about your neighbors and friends. She's disheveled and resentful. She spends her days complaining that you can't get a promotion or a raise, comparing herself to your best friends, snapping at your relatives when they need help, and she spends her days grooming and working out just to drool and see the muscles of the trainer. People around so boring, interesting people why far away from their own. I might as well slap myself with a piece of tofu. But is it really the state of being "funny" when you're like a stand-up comedian and "entertaining yourself to death" when you're like a showbiz comedian? Zhang XIN, A CHILD FROM AN ORDINARY WORKING FAMILY, LIKES TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH INTERESTING PEOPLE RECENTLY. Her "fun" friends, most of whom drive sports cars, take weekly trips to shoot arrows, ride horses or fly to Macau to gamble. "Their rich and interesting life deeply attracted me," Zhang said. "From Hong Kong by helicopter, to Macau casinos, to bungee jumping from the 190-meter-high Niouc Bridge in Switzerland's Anneville Valley, to skydiving over Dubai..." However, Zhang Xin was injured in the end. The "funny" friends always make mean jokes, which inflame Zhang's self-esteem, and some of them are just trying to have a "one-night stand" with her. Later, the joke got bigger, and Zhang eventually left the "fun" circle and returned to her original "safe life." The so-called "secure life" is to be with like-minded people.


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