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See you at Happy Valley, teacher

by James 2 months ago in vintage
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Goodbye teacher!

See you at Happy Valley, teacher
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

The ninth grade class 138 graduation symposium began, the classroom was decorated with flowers, full of youthful vitality, the tables were neatly arranged, the food on the table emitted a strong aroma, and the teachers walked one after another to the podium and sat down, the young class teacher scanned the classroom, the fifth row, the sixth seat was empty. Then he asked the students present, "Where is Li Ziliang?" Instantly, the air in the classroom froze, surprisingly quiet, and several girls stole a glance at the blackboard at the back, then hurriedly retracted their gaze to their own. The class teacher saw the striking "Goodbye teacher!" on the blackboard. . The words were not very good, but they were big and written in red, white, blue and green chalk. The class teacher asked again, "Where is Li Ziliang?" The tall class president stood up slowly and replied, "He left, he got up early in the morning and packed his things, came to class after breakfast, finished writing the four words on the blackboard behind him, and went to the dormitory to get his luggage and left." The class teacher grunted, "It's so unbelievable, it's disorganized and undisciplined." Then he said in a loud voice: "No matter what he said, the 138 class seminar will begin!"

The seminar proceeded according to the process, but the class teacher was not in the mood at all. For three years, he had put in a lot of effort and sweat, but all he got was Li Ziliang's "Goodbye, teacher!" Four words in return. In his opinion, although the matter is very small and pathetic, for he is not allowed, to participate in the work of six years, teaching two classes of graduates, Liang Qingyu asked himself, if he can afford education, school, the students, but also the parents, but he does not know where he is wrong? Yes! When the teacher is not as simple as people say, prepare to teach and change the examination is done, a lot of things are not a couple of words to say clearly, and not so simple, work for six years, try to quite a lot, education this profession is invisible is also very difficult, the current rural, only child a lot, and most of the left-behind teenage children say, eight or nine students is the rebellious stage, the moment of indulgence, the subject of Teachers are very headache, classroom teachers more difficult, is not it? The basic stage, culture class is important, students' ideological dynamics is important, labor discipline is important, health and hygiene are important, living habits are important, personal differences are more important ...... each link to catch, that is how difficult a project. For six years, he has been working hard to learn, actively exploring, searching, summarizing, and reflecting, but still making mistakes, where the mistakes are, he mo not in his head.

The seminar is over, he did not have a trace of sleep, he is aware of Li Ziliang, this student is very withdrawn, does not like to talk, the first half of the class is fine, the second half will lie on the table to sleep, on the seventh grade, he looked for him to talk a lot, the moral education department also went several times, he always did not take it seriously, what youth ideal, for him, simply left ears, right ears out, he was tempted to give up on his He wanted to give up on his education and treat him as a passing cloud, but he couldn't do it. He found him again and sat with him for a few hours and said a lot of things, but in the end, he just nodded his head. Fortunately, he was still in the middle to upper class in the seventh-grade final exam and stood third in the eighth grade. As for the ninth grade, it is not known. LOL! This Li Ziliang ......

He returned to his room, washed up, and would have liked to sleep well, the students graduated, and the next stage is waiting. I don't know what happened, I didn't feel like sleeping at all, so what to do? Look under the pillow, a lot of novels and essays have also read, play to see the phone, no door, panic, he thought of Li Ziliang, in the end, why? He lay in bed, hands on his head, looking at the ceiling, the weather is very hot, mosquitoes buzzing, he will get up, inserted smokeless mosquito incense, look at the table with books related to educational theory, he once again opened the Soviet educator B.A. Sukhomlinsky's big, thick book "Advice to Teachers", carefully read up. He settled down and read an all-nighter, his heart opened up a lot, he had to go to Li Ziliang's house, despite the graduation, he still had to go, even if the gain was not worth the loss, or at the closed door, he still had to go, hoping that in the future teaching career, will not be in such a thing.

In the subtropical climate of Happy Valley, the weather changes abnormally during the summer, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, and sometimes rainy; the mountains are high and steep, the roads are rugged, the vegetation is dense, and thorns are heavy. Despite this, he could not stop Liang Qingyu's determination and hope, he was going to look for answers and get the doubts in his heart. He prepared dry food and water and set out on the mountain trail of Happy Valley Mountain in the time and space of a hundred birds singing.

Under the fiery sunlight, the leaves of the trees among the Happy Valley Mountains were nourishing. The wind blowing was hot and boiling, he wiped his sweat while climbing up the mountain, and soon came to a tall old acacia tree, he saw that an old man driving goats was sitting under the tree on the green stone slab to cool off, and the old man saw him. The old man greeted him first: "Young man, where are you going? Come, sit down and take a rest before you go."

Liang Qingyu wiped the sweat on his forehead and said to the old man with a smile, "To the house of a student named Li Ziliang."

The old man said, "So it is the teacher, sit down, his house you do not go, cool off, later to my house to cook and eat."

Liang Qingyu said with surprise: "You know him ......"

The old man laughed: "A village, how do not know. That boy is poor."

Liang Qingyu was silent, and said, "How do I not know."

The old man sighed and said, "He, quite hard-hearted, except for his uncle, who will not accept the give him."

Liang Qingyu unbuttoned his shirt, sat down next to the old man, wiped the sweat, and said, "Old man, can you tell us about his family's situation?"

The old man handed the fan in his hand to Liang Qingyu fan and said, "He ah, the family is very bad, his father is a lazy man, all day to steal chicken and dog to mix life. Seven or eight years ago, his mother and his father divorced and went away with another man, his father did not care about him and did not ask, drunk and sleep, sleep and drink, at that time, his grandmother was alive, although the days are very hard, the food is not a problem, his grandmother brought him up, right, last year, his grandmother died, his father is more bastard, either beat him or scold, the work in the fields do not do, help others to do odd jobs, rich, out of the Wine or wine, his uncle looked at him poorly, a hundred dollars a month to squeeze him to school. The boy still do not want it, his uncle was angry, he accepted, but also a lump sum to remember, said, when he grew up, will be a lot of money back, plus interest on it. Yesterday, his indisputable father drank too much, fell in the deep ditch behind his house, and died, he and the village people last night sent his father to the crematorium. So, there is no need for you to go to his house."

After listening to the old man's narrative, Liang Qingyu said, "So that's how it is, then I'll come back in a few days."

The old man said, "Teacher, you don't need to go to his house, he won't go home. He has a distant cousin who asked him to make arrangements for his father's funeral, and went to work to earn tuition."

Liang Qingyu said, "Old man, how to reach him?"

The old man took out his cell phone and said, "How about this, when school starts, you call my number and I'll have his uncle tell him. Alas! I do not know whether he reads or not."

Liang Qingyu stood up and said, "Thank you, old man, I'm going back, later contact."

The old man said, "You're here, come to my house for dinner and then leave!"

Liang Qingyu said, "No, the holiday is over, I also have to go home to see, this is goodbye, this dry food for you."

The old man was embarrassed and said, "Then I won't keep the teacher before it's too late after the weather is going to rain, the road will not be good."

Liang Qingyu said goodbye to the old man and returned home, his heart very relaxed, he knew that as a classroom teacher, the next step was to work more in-depth level. He did not feel tired at all, humming his favorite song: "The moon came out bright woof, bright woof ......"

Come a few days, the candidates' results came out that high school admissions were down. Liang Qingyu's class did very well, eight students went to the key high school, and Li Ziliang's score was the highest, 605 points, Liang Qingyu called the old man who drove the sheep to inform him of Li Ziliang's acceptance letter, and said, "Old man, help me, I must say a few words to him."

The other end of the phone got through, and it was Li Ziliang's voice: "Hello, teacher!"

Liang Qingyu said, "Li Ziliang, congratulations on your entrance into the key middle school, September 3, I will send you the notice, okay?"

The other end of the phone: "......" the machine buzzed.

Liang Qingyu: "Are you listening? I'll send you your notice."

On the other end of the phone was the sound of crying, and for a long time came: "...... old...teacher...see you again...see you!"

Liang Qingyu's heart instantly heaved. Busy running to the post office, send two months of salary.

School started, and Liang Qingyu adjusted his mind, and accepted the transfer of the teacher of the ninth-grade classroom work, to the podium.

When he returned to the classroom, he had a courier on his desk. He opened the courier, and inside the package was written in big, bright letters: Goodbye teacher! Further inside was a neatly organized 10,000 yuan in human currency.

Liang Qingyu's eyes are about to tear, his brain has infinite reverie.


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