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Safehouse Wellness Guiding Alcohol and Drug Addicts Towards a New Beginning in Life

by Alisha Hill 7 months ago in addiction

Safehouse Wellness a rehabilitation centre in India which has a unique method to help people get rid of their addictions.

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Mrs Narayan, who runs her own tourism company in Noida, admits that her job profile kept her away from her children for long periods. As there were few people to look after them, her elder daughter, now a post-grad student found herself in the clutches of alcohol and drug abuse at the end of her graduation. She remembers that her daughter hadn’t yet completed the 2nd year of her graduate course when she got into a bad company and became a regular consumer of alcohol and different kinds of drugs.

Though initially clueless, Mrs Narayan tried various wellness programs and took her daughter to numerous therapists and rehabilitation centres, but no one provided a permanent solution for her problem. She admits having visited almost all the rehabilitation centres in Delhi with her daughter where everyone made the same promise, but no one delivered.

Safehouse wellness as the final and permanent solution

It was one of her clients who suggested her Safehouse Wellness which has a unique method to help people get rid of their addictions. She smilingly says that she will not say that Safehouse Wellness is just another rehabilitation centre, as their approach towards healing is way different from the others. They never let someone feel like they are under an addiction or something else; it all feels like a healing vacation away from home. There are many things which they found extraordinary about Safehouse Wellness which they didn’t find in the other rehabilitation centres in Delhi:

  • Serene Environment: Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, Safehouse Wellness is situated in an ideal environment where a rehabilitation centre should be situated. The lush greenery and majestic infrastructure are nothing less than a treat to the eyes and healer the souls. It is not just another rehabilitation centre, but more of a luxury spot.
  • Specialized women medical care team: In most of the rehabilitation centres in Delhi, or any other rehabilitation centre in India, generally there is a distinction between male and female subjects, but that’s not the case with Safehouse Wellness. Mrs Narayan admits that the presence of such a team was one of the primary reasons why she trusted the place with her daughter.
  • Well-behaved and cooperative staff and equipped rooms: Safehouse wellness knows that people suffering from addiction need special care. All the rooms at the rehabilitation centre are equipped with world-class facilities, and any help is just a call away.

Healing and Rehab Method at Safehouse Wellness

Experts at Safehouse Wellness use proven methodologies which aren’t a common feature of the other rehabilitation centres in Delhi:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): It is a simple yet effective method for controlling substance abuse. In it, the addicted patients are taught to recognize the negative thoughts which lead them towards consuming drugs and alcohol, and how to avoid them altogether. They often use the word ‘’trigger’ to denote thought or a group of thoughts which come to the person’s mind before he/she develops a tendency to consume a drug or alcohol.
  • Motivational Interviews: Most people resort to drugs due to loneliness and lack of company, which leads to loss of motivation and blurring of the positive aspects of life. In this method, the supporting experts at Safehouse Wellness talk with the addicted patient about their lives and its ups and downs. They help them recognize their actual dreams and what all they need to do to achieve that and how drug abuse will not take them anywhere. Motivational interviews are an integral part of psychological therapies, and they are found in all the good rehabilitation centres.
  • Contingency Management: Mrs Narayan stressed on this unique methodology which she said she didn’t find in any of the other rehabilitation centres in Delhi. In contingency management, the counsellors provide incentives to addicted patients for their overall course in which they control their urge to consume drugs. This method yields great results for the younger people, and this is what worked for her daughter. Experts at the rehabilitation centre agree that these rewards are tiny when compared to the force of addiction, but here they focus more on the emotional value of the reward and not the materialistic value. Sometimes, even a pat on the back or a small word of appreciation also works wonders!

A Happy Ending For Everyone

Drug abuse is always considered a social stigma in the societies, and Safehouse Wellness takes good care of the privacy of their clients. With a dedicated and joint effort of the support team and her family, Mrs Narayan’s daughter found her new self and hers is among thousands of such stories where people overcame their worst addictions and embraced their new life!

Alisha Hill
Alisha Hill
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