Reasons for Loneliness and Ways to Overcome It

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This article is a blessing in disguise for the people who stay lonely and don’t understand its reasons. It explains all the reasons of loneliness excellently in its first part and then its second part provides with very lucid and effective ways to get rid of it and live an exciting life.

Reasons for Loneliness and Ways to Overcome It

Everyone in their life feels lonely at least once. When you start getting this feeling called loneliness, then no matter how many people surround you, it is still felt. It seems like you have lost interest in life, and you are aimless. You feel like there is no reason for being alive and such things. So the important thing is to know the reasons why you are feeling lonely and how you can overcome it.

The first thing is that you need to have patience because it is a feeling and not a mode that you can switch off. Co-operate with yourself and let it diminish and slowly disappear from your life so you can feel that life again in your soul. Here we will divide the article into two parts, where the first one specifies the reasons or causes of loneliness, and the second one is about healing them.

Reasons For Loneliness Or Why You Feel Lonely-

#1 Following Your Dreams Too Much

Maybe there was a situation when everything was excellent, and there was nothing like loneliness. You had that spark of life, and you were the happiest person among your friends. Then you did a mistake, and it was following your dreams without including your happiness along. You forgot that life is not only about going after your dreams or the things you want to achieve, but it is also about enjoying those tiny moments. You take life as a race and forget taking pleasure in the sceneries nature offers you in the journey of life.

#2 Unfulfilled Expectations

Another common reason for taking yourself in the zone of loneliness is your expectations. Expectations do not give you anything but sorrows at different levels of life. Having expectations means you are gradually inviting the isolation and loneliness in your life. Because there would be a time where someone will not be able to meet your expectations as you want, and at that point, you will get hurt. This way, it will create a hole in your heart, and loneliness takes place there.

Sometimes, the expectation from yourself can hurt you if you fail to fulfill them. For example, if you make a promise to yourself and then fail to keep that promise and commitment, it will also hurt your feelings.

#3 Introvert Personality

In modern days, the issue of being an introvert has been increasing. Mostly introvert people can't find a way to express themselves and they hold a lot of hesitation inside. This all makes them distant from the real world, and hence this term loneliness enters in their life. Due to introversion, you feel unable to speak your thoughts openly, and this way, you lose many things and also face rejection. Introverts lack in the field of friendship too, and their inward nature does not attract people to come and propose their friendship.

#4 Doubtful About the Abilities

Another reason is a lack of confidence or not having a belief in you. People who do not believe in themselves or show a lack of confidence can also feel this phase of loneliness. This lack of confidence means you are not aware of your abilities because everyone is proficient in something that no other can do it in that way.

Underestimating yourself can keep you from interacting with other people and share what you think about a particular issue. Also, it doesn't matter if people praise you for what you do because you do not feel that inside, and hence it changes nothing, and you still feel a lack of confidence.

#5 Betrayals

Again, this is an important point when it comes to feeling lonely because you can feel it without any reason. And betrayal can be the reason. When someone you love or fully trust betrays you, then it hurts you for the lifetime, and you lose this 'trust' thing. Such as it can be any of your friends who betrayed you and after that incident, you stopped making friends or involving them in, and this way, loneliness took place.

Friends are what we trust on more than anyone else after our family, and when they backstab you, and then it pains a lot both emotionally and mentally. Especially if it is your best friend who broke your trust, then this pain immediately takes the form of loneliness, and it feels like the death of that particular person.

#6 Family Issues

This one also is the most common reason for feeling loneliness. As you all know, our world starts with our family, and it plays an essential role in our lives and setting up our moods. If you have a great bond with your family, and it supports you at every step, there is no chance that you are going to feel lonely ever. Similarly, if you always see issues in your family, fights, domestic violence, and other similar things, then loneliness takes place readily in your life because you have no one to rely on or expect support from.

#7 Breakup With Your Partner

You know how emotional things a relationship is because when we are in a relationship or love someone, we do not see that person as different, yet you two become one soul and one body. Now, if that person breaks up with you due to any reason and you still feel for him, then it hurts a lot that can't even be counted. Breaking up your relationship aches more than anything in this world or at least for a few weeks or months sometimes. It shakes the other person entirely that all his values are crushed by someone without thinking even once.

So if this has happend with you, feeling lonely is already enters in your life without invitation because you are deeply wounded. Sudden breakups are even more scary and painful where you are not mentally prepared for it, and it happens.

#8 Death of Your Loved One

What can be more painful than the death of your loved one? Loneliness is going to happen one hundred percent when you lose someone you love the most in this world. This person can be your family member, your close friend, or your partner. Death of that person feels a significant loss to us, and we feel a hole in our life. We start feeling like everything is fake, and nothing matters at all. We feel unable to think anymore, and our mind becomes a mess because we cannot accept this fact that if there is life, there is a death too.

How to Deal With Loneliness?

Now you know the most common reasons for feeling lonely, but it doesn't solve anything. What explain the solutions or the ways to overcome this lonely feeling. So get along with me and read them out. This may be a great help for you.

#1 Explain Yourself the Situation

You don't need to rush into anything and get some time for yourself. Reducing or eliminating loneliness is a matter of time that you can't turn off by partying with your friends or making one night stands. So first, try to understand yourself and explain the situation to yourself or the root cause from where this loneliness took place. Once you get the reason, you will surely find a way to heal your soul.

Get a notebook and point out all the things that can be the reason of this wretched situation. Just check them one by one and cut out those who do not seem to be the reason. At last, you will find it, and then starts the healing session because you can't live like this forever, and this is the life that means changes.

#2 Start Working On Your Health

Let's start this healing with your body that you can do by analyzing your health level and start working out for it. See how positive changes you feel when you spend a few days working on your health. Also, take care of the small but essential things like getting enough sleep about 8 or 9 hours every night, wake up early, and feel that fresh air, concentrate on eating healthy.

A few days later, you can start workout or yoga that will gradually take away your loneliness. Joining a class of yoga will be more beneficial as you will meet other people there, share your words, and this way, you will start healing.

#3 Engage In Your Favorite Hobbies

It will be a relaxing step for sure where you will concentrate on learning or performing your favorite hobbies. It can be anything like indoors or outdoors, so if you always thought of taking that parachute, then do not think waste your time in thinking because it is time to do it. Start with a to-do list and note down all the activities that you ever wanted to do. Focus on achieving them one by one, and during this whole journey, you will learn a lot, meet new people, and surely love your life again.

So starts today even if it is a tiny hobby or a silly one like shouting loud on the mountains, gardening in your backyard, or cycling for hours and hours.

#4 Start Something Big In Your Life

By starting big, I mean initiating something extraordinary in your life like a life-changing task or your aim that you always wanted to achieve. This can be similar to the previous step but as a more significant project. For example, if you ever dreamed of traveling your country, start an NGO, open your shop, or anything that gives you aim and happiness.

This way, you will leave that bad and the environment where the negativity exists and step into a new world of opportunities and satisfaction. Step out from your comfort zone and show some guts, this will change your mind in an entirely different direction, and you will feel that you need to finish your goal. Some interesting things can be like:

  • Visiting your favorite place and help others there
  • Master a new language
  • Make a journal and write down your favorite moments
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle, yacht, or just a boat
  • Become an entrepreneur

#5 Spend Your Time with Nature and Stay Outside

This one is like the third part of the two previously mentioned steps. Here you will focus on staying outside mad visiting nearby places like any park, museum, event, amusement park, or whatever you like. Stay there for as long as you can, pack all your accessories so that you won't run back home. Try to open up yourself and talk with other people there; if someone wants to be a friend, then allow him.

Another thing can be vast nature or natural places, as it is one of the top healing remedies. Human is a part of nature, and without it, we can survive. Nature or that greenery heals everything so you can backpack and the go-ahead for a long journey or book a tour to your favorite place and enjoy a few days there. Perform adventurous activities like kayaking, bungee jumping, parasailing, water rafting, and snowboarding, and much more.

#6 Adopt Your Favorite Pet

If you do not feel getting outside just for now, then you can try with adopting a pet and see how much it changes your life. Pets are always a great companion of humans, and it will be with you in every situation. Give all your love, care, and time to this pet and create a great bond with it.

This way, you will feel less lonely, and you can even share some feelings with it. Give it a name, train it, and in no time, it will distract you from lineless to a positive direction, and soon you will feel healed. So go and get a dog, cat, or a bird and get ready to have a great time.

#7 Do Meditation

Take it as an additional thing by joining a class of meditation to educate you. It will fasten up your journey of healing, and it will help you get that confidence and identify yourself better. After a few days, you will notice the positive changes when you work on yourself, meet new people, and share some talks.

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