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Quieting the mind

by Artemis Pop about a year ago in depression
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fighting with your mind

Fighting your mind

The way I will describe depression is like your personal hell.

You are forever consumed by the fire in your head, and this sucks all your energy and the joy that you have in you, living you more dead then alive.

You are like an airplane on a automatic pilot (your mind) and you just let yourself driven by your darkness thoughts.

You know you should fly your plane by yourself but somehow you just sit back, unable to do anything. You realize that you can even plunge into your death, but you are so paralyzed that you can only observe. So, from where this feeling of powerless and paralyzing come from?

Our brain is trying to protect us or trying to keep us safe, therefore il will often focus on the worst-case scenario, even thought, here in the 21st century we do not have to hide from predators anymore. Because of our prehistoric past, our brain has become hard-wired to look for danger. The brain sends a message to the gut to redirect blood flow and to the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline to speed up our heart. This is so well known as the flight or flight response. And really it doesn’t make any difference whether your mind is getting ready to fight for your life or for public performance. That is why we may feel butterflies when we are nervous – the blood is being pulled out of the gut to get as much oxygen into the muscle as possible.

The brain can’t distinguish fact from fiction. When you think about something happening, your mind fired off neurons as if it’s happening for real. If you think about cooking a meal for your spouse with a cheery smile on you face, then more likely you will enjoy cooking. But if you think about it with no joy most surely you will hate what you are doing.

Your life may be in a state of chaos because of years of wrong thinking. If so, it is important to come to grips with the fact that your life will not get straightened and smooth until your mind does.

Even the Bible says that the tree is known by its fruits. And It is up to you if you want to be a juicy pear or a bitter lemon. Thought bear fruit. That’s why is massively important the quality of your thought. Plant good seeds and the fruit in your life will be good.

The mind is like a sharp knife with two blades, if you listen too much to your negative automatic thoughts, you will become drain of energy. So much so, the energy can be so low to the point you can’t or want to do anything, sometimes not even get out of the bed.

The essential point is that happiness is determined by one’s state of mind than my external events. If there is a lack of discipline that brings calmness of mind, no matter what external facilities or conditions you have, they will never give you the feeling of joy and happiness that you are seeking. A sweet, kind person will not have mean, vindictive thought. By the same token, a truly evil person does not have good, loving thoughts. When you are in an intense state of anger or hatred, even a very close friend will appear to you as somehow sort of frosty or cold and quite annoying.

The mind is truly a battlefield. Positive minds produce positive lives and equally well, negative minds produce negative, unfulfilling lives. Positive thoughts are always full of faith and love, negative thought are always full of fear and doubt.

Some people they been so much hurt and they been in so much suffering in their lives that even are afraid to hope. They have had so many disappointments; they do not think they can face the pain of another one. Therefore, they refuse to hope in order not to be disappointed again. So rather then be hurt again, many people simply refuse to hope or believe that anything good will even happen to them.

Many years ago, I was extremely negative. I had encountered so many disappointments in life, I was so hurt and so many devastating things happened to me – that I was afraid to believe that anything good might happen. And it didn’t! I used to see everything in black or grey. Since my thought were all negative, so was my mouth, therefore my entire life. I didn’t find anything in life satisfying. I got the feeling that I was going in reverse, everybody seems to move on but me I was going back. I felt lost, helpless, guilty, depressed, you name it: all the bad feelings in the world. I had had the feeling that I was in some sort of game, but I had no influence over its result. I didn’t have the remote control in my hand. As if could only observe.

That situation brings me on the cliff of depression because I could see any way out. I was forever in the circle, a mouse in the gate in a preputium mobile spin. I knew how to drive the car, but I only could take the passenger sit My head was so foggy, my body was aching, I was living in state of constant worry and anxiety. And of course, I start blaming all “the others”, they wrong me, everyone had disappointed me, even the dead. In fact, me the most harm was coming from my own mind. I was poisoning my mind and I could not take the responsibility of my own life. In fact, was refusing to live my life, like it was not mine. All it seems like a dream, like a nightmare. My computer brain needs it a restart.


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