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philosophy of life

by Luna卢娜 2 months ago in advice
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Selected Philosophy of Life Sentences

1. A smile when misunderstood is a kind of literacy; a calm smile when wronged is a kind of generosity; a happy smile when a loss is a kind of open-mindedness; a self-deprecating smile when you are in a dilemma is a kind of generosity Wisdom; an optimistic smile when helpless is a state; a calm smile when in distress is a kind of atmosphere; a calm smile when you are contemptuous is a kind of self-confidence; a gentle smile when you are lost in love is a kind of Free and easy.

2. To help others is to help yourself; to be considerate of others is to love yourself.

3. There is always a person who is the time that we can't mottle. Looking back, we feel warm. The longer the time is, the more we can see clearly: that existence has a different meaning to ourselves! Walking on the road, what you encounter is not only the worldly scenery, but also the bitter people that touch the hearts of the people; walking through life, you experience not only the joys and sorrows, but also the myriad of fates. To live is to know, not to live.

4. Learn to be a smart person: You are not born into a wealthy family. If you don’t have the life of a prince and princess, don’t learn diseases that only princes and princesses can get. People have the time and money to look up at the sky and feel depressed; if you don’t have it, you must. Struggle, you are carrying the burden of family and life! Don't waste your time complaining and complaining. No one is sorry for you; don't compare yourself to the male and female protagonists in bubble dramas, people are born beautiful and have extraordinary opportunities... You can only grow stronger if you face it with a strong heart.

5. Life is like chess, and the most important thing is chess. On the road of life, no matter how careful you are, there will be times when you will go right. You will regret it, but you can't say "Can I regret chess?" Because fate will not agree, it will only step up to you when you regret it. Offensive, getting you into more and more trouble. So stop sighing over there, regret is useless, if you make a mistake, change it. Fall down, get up. Unchangeable remember, that is experience.

6. Wherever the wind passes, pure white flying flowers fall like snow, gently rolling in indifference. The mist is cool, the lotus is still asleep, and the floating light is dim and silent. The double image is far away, the mountains in the distance are like the ups and downs of the mind, the trees are green and there are flowers but no fruit. Suddenly, a butterfly flies past, and the colorful wings are mottled. The Buddha bells are in full bloom, and the shore has not yet crossed the reflection. In addition to the already pale face, I saw the obsession that I never put down.

7. For every present you are not satisfied with, there is a past when you are unwilling to work hard, unwilling to act and unwilling to change. The thoughts and actions that were not a long time ago, a moment ago. Your thoughts and actions in the moment will instantly become the past. Life flows in countless moments like this, and one day it will come to an end, and you may be happy and full of regrets and regrets. It's nothing to do with others, it's just the result of your every present behavior.

8. In the world, there is no constant thing, eternal feelings, more or less, big or small, will have many changes; thick or light, light or heavy, there will be many imprints. Slowly, all will pass, all will grow old, time is like this, we are like this, those dreams that have been done, things that have happened, the road that we have traveled, and the hardships we have endured, will fade away. In life, although the starting point of life is not only the same, but the end of life is the same, be it poverty, happiness, happiness or sadness, all of them will eventually lead to the same ending and become a piece of soil. So in our lifetime, we still spend our lives happily, so why worry about it?

9. [Philosophical words] For truly tenacious strugglers, suffering is a school that tempers steel.

10. If you think about others in advance, you must measure yourself first.

11. Nagging women wear out marriages.

12. Self-righteousness is not taken by virtuous people.

13. Only with hope can you reach the light.

14. The value of life: that is, the measure of the work done by people for the era in which they live.

15. The life of a mortal is actually a burdened life, because the life of a mortal requires mortals to undertake too many obligations and responsibilities.

16. Life is not a cup of ready-made wine. Only by continuous brewing and blending can the taste become more and more fragrant, because diligence is the source of happiness.

17. Diligence, conscientiousness, and responsibility are the foundation of life; laziness, greed, and coping are terrible ego.

18. Everyone's life is a book, and each book has a wonderful page.

19. In life, we often hear such voices as "do it when you have time", "do it tomorrow", "do it later", "procrastinate", "research and negotiate", it is because of such "procrastination". Mindset, we let time flow through our fingertips again and again, and people often sigh, "How time flies so fast".

20. Ambition is divided. Different people have different aspirations, just like mountain climbing: some people vow to climb the highest mountain, while others just want to climb the hills. Climbing a mountain is hard work, but as long as you persevere to the end, you will surely get your wish. How can the realm of "seeing the small mountains at a glance" be something that people who climb the hills can perceive and reach?

21. Start from the subtle points to develop a good "nine thinking" habit, so that you can become a talent faster.

22. Peace is happiness, contentment is blessing, pure heart is wealth, and few desires are longevity. There is no need to seek merit in doing things, no fault is merit; no need to feel virtue in being a person, no resentment is virtue. The human mind is narrowed by many desires, and widened by few desires. It is better to be poor and happy than to worry about the rich and rich. If you don't frown in your life, there should be no teeth-cutting people in the world. It is advisable to retire first if you are deeply pondered, and you can retire when you are complacent. Inexhaustible power, inexhaustible blessing, inexhaustible advantage, inexhaustible wisdom.

23. If you want to be great, you must first be ambitious, not be constrained by trivial matters, not be confused by flies, not be fascinated by dark situations, do not compare the gains and losses, regardless of the current success or failure, the eyes have a big vision, and the mind is bold; second The mind must be high, not entangled in love, not entangled in people, able to hide in the city, be quiet in the noise, control the overflow of desires, prevent the breeding of bad habits, the spirit is calm and peaceful, and the state of tranquility will be self-improving; The tree is high and the branches are removed, and the person abandons the ego, what he puts down, what he gets.

24. "Love" is a sturdy word. Its upper part is taken from the change of "perverted", and the lower part is taken from the state of "perverted"...

25. Self-recommendation has many benefits, not only let others see you, know your existence, and know your ability.

26. People are poor, they may not beg you, people are lazy, they may not use you, looking at people is not looking at the surface, doing things is not fake, living is not waiting for waste, waiting is not to delay others.

27. When parents are old, they become "children" who need to be taken care of. ——Yang Lan "I love you, thank you"

28. This is a world that is no longer willing to be ordinary, and everyone is eager to succeed.

29. I still like you, but from strong to quiet.

30. Not so much for a better life, but for the meaning of death.

31. I don't know how long I can hold on. Maybe it will heal itself, maybe it will be cured, maybe it's like this, maybe it will end if I can't bear it one day, I don't regret every result.

32. People can't be too busy, if they are too busy, they will feel that their days are terribly short; if they are too leisurely, they will feel that their days are too long and boring.

33. The goals set by yourself must be completed, even if you are kneeling. For example, stipulate how many kilometers you jog every day, rain or shine, and do it in your room, don't give yourself an excuse!

34. It is difficult to cover the water. What has happened, no one can change it. The boat is done, what can I do? Whether we learn from things or stay stuck with them is up to us.

35. There are always too many entanglements and too many reluctance to give up in the world, because those old things are marked with the joys of yesterday, so they can't be ruthless. It takes courage to discard, and space to treasure. It's not painful to give up someone who loves you very much. It's painful to give up someone you love so much. Falling in love with someone who doesn't love you is more painful. Don't fall in love because of loneliness, don't be lonely because of wrong love.

36. Life is just a few decades, don't leave any regrets for yourself, laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry, love when you need to love, there is no point in suppressing yourself.

37. Don't be afraid to face anyone, anything, maybe he is more afraid than you, maybe these things are the test for you!

38. Every blooming flower has experienced dark and turbulent; every bright and dazzling one has experienced rain or shine; every beautiful scenery has experienced sadness. All, only those who have experienced it can better understand the power behind it.

39. Throw your self-esteem into the corner, take out all the good, you are still silent.

40. Happiness is a feeling, the temperature that each other can feel. Only details can break the siege in the inherent thinking. In real life, happiness is how much you give, how much it gives back to you.

41. Dao is the way of life that is decisive, broad-minded, self-disciplined, and friendly to people. It's a bit of Zen, a bit of poetry, a painting, and some random ways to nourish the mind. It is the way of life that is affectionate and righteous, that life is full of flavor, that you can do things well, and that you can advance and retreat in life.

42. Sometimes you forgive people just because you still want to keep them in your life. If I hadn't met before, maybe I wouldn't be who I am now. In your world, I laughed and hurt. Now, full of exhaustion, walk out of your world silently with your own shadow. No more tears for you, no more foolishly waiting for your call, no more begging you not to leave.

43. You, one of the most important passers-by, are passers-by because you have never stopped for me. The seeds of joy have been sown in my life, but the reason is that the seeds do not bloom because you have not watered and fertilized them. Once scratched a scar in my life, the reason for the scar is because you have not tenderly sympathized. You once gave me a ray of light and brought all the darkness in an instant. The reason why it is gray is because you never thought to illuminate me.

44. Otherwise, life will be doomed to be boring and mediocre. Deserts are more suitable for camels, and grasslands are more suitable for galloping horses. When the galloping horse got lost and ran into the desert, he had to run harder to find the nearest way out to the grassland.

45. Any excellent salesperson has this kind of patience. People with this kind of patience will be excellent members no matter what industry they are in.

46. ​​As long as after the necessary efforts, you still feel that this industry, this partner is not suitable for you, you must cut through the mess, use your courage and courage to make a new choice, turn the tide, and never be passive. The essential.

47. Learn to act in the rhetoric, and don't be ripped off in the office.

48. Even on a bus, you should always sit in the front row.

49. The light of the value of life, some emit sunlight, some emit moonlight, some generate light bulbs, and some emit firefly light.

50. After some things, you think you are invincible, but there are always countless other ways in life, which will make you lose again.


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