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People, there is no reason why they can't be reduced

by By Jane Austen 2 months ago in advice
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Money is gone, life is still there, everything can come back

People, there is no reason why they can't be reduced

Money is gone, life is still there, everything can come back; Love is gone, and there will be the next flower in full bloom. Even if you rush to the world, you will not be the weak, and live a good life, regardless of the wind and rain. There is no reason why people can't be reduced. mdash; mdash; Composition inscription

Life is in a hurry. Although the morning is like green silk and the evening is like snow, boasting, no one can recover the passage of time. Looking back at the twilight years, there will always be a momentary feeling for decades. How many people can see the vicissitudes of the sea? The torrential misty rain, only I can redeem it by myself. Is it permanent after a long time? The world is just a passer-by in the life of the vast Milky Way galaxy, and the sun, moon and starry sky cannot remain unchanged forever. In a moment of life, all experiences are just clouds and smoke.

Life is precious because it is short. Try to live it. The past is full of clouds, so we must let go of gains and losses and live happily. Cherish life, love your family, be kind to yourself, love life, don't spend precious years in depression, and indulge in precious years. The right and wrong of gratitude and hatred are all illusory, which can't defeat the happiness of the vast sea and sky, and it's hard to be passionate.

Gratitude and resentment will turn into misty rain, and high-ranking officials and high salaries are also a nothingness after all. At the end of life, I can't take anything away. What I finally have is just a process and a mood. Try to be happy, in order to have no regrets, don't blindly cling to the conclusion. Walk steadily in life, enjoy this short whole process, look down upon the mundane and miscellaneous, indifferent and greedy, tenacious and arduous, smile life.

To enjoy happiness, we must be resolute and learn to be grateful, with an open and free mind. See through life, after hard work, it doesn't matter if you don't succeed or fail. See through life, where you try your best, why care how many you have. In the wind and rain, the priceless treasure of life, indomitable; On the comfortable and comfortable road, cultivate temperament and cultivate one's mind. It's good to have a clear conscience, and it's OK to have no regrets in the world. Some people laugh at the scenery in the turmoil, some people cry bitterly in their comfort zone and say they are unhappy. Everything comes from my heart.

To be true to yourself, don't always run, calculate others, learn from others, and you can better improve yourself, but it's not curiosity, research, deliberately imitating others, looking at your own path, your own scenery, and thinking about your own problems. Don't always stare at others, always envy others' brilliance, envy others' brilliance, dim your heart, consume your own time, and damage your own personality. There is no need to get objective material and subjective comments by unscrupulous means. Everything is smoke and cloud. Being a good person, worthy of heart, stable and happy is enough.

Life is a passer-by in a hurry. Why bother, worry, and be listless. What's the use of worrying about money, work, love and vanity? If you want to have it, work hard, and then don't care about the conclusion. Success is the gain of effort, and failure is also a normal exercise. And all the high-ranking officials are actually a smoke sooner or later. What they really have is their own emotions. Why not let go and torture themselves.

Money is gone, life is still there. As long as you don't fall to the ground, everything can come back. Life is a capricious shaking, and no one can go up and down, but you can go up and down your own heart. Love is gone, and there is the next flower in full bloom. If you really pay, you will have no hesitation. The beauty of the past can't be bought. The human body is disabled, and the heart is still shaking. Don't lower your head in front of the fate. Who can see your weakness? Who can support you. Not everyone can come to this world. Since he comes, he will not be a weak person and live a good life, regardless of the wind and rain. If you have nothing, then let go of everything. It's enough to have a light mood. If you have love, love and family, then cherish everything. Running around and being busy is a kind of happiness.

Tired to sleep, cry to get drunk, the dawn is a new starting point of the day, and the earth will not stop rotating because of all the pain. Therefore, as the primate of heaven and earth, there is no reason why human beings can not be reduced.

Hard to live in the world of mortals, but can not care about gain and loss, try to be in the secular world, but understand to release gratitude and hatred, take a tolerant, calm, indomitable and magnanimous heart, walk all the way through life, ignore the wind and rain, and be proud of the world of mortals, enjoy happiness all the time, recognize happiness and happiness everywhere, and have no hesitation in the journey of life.

Comfort is not the only reason to live. Poverty should not be the reason to hurt yourself. We should get rid of poverty and don't take poverty as the reason


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By Jane Austen

We CAN'T LET GO OF THE GREEDY desire in our hearts. The desire and persistence in our hearts keep us bound. The only thing we have to do is to open our hands, let go of the meaningless obsession

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